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What’s your favourite thing that your best friend does?

I posted this in AskWomen the other day and got some adorable answers, so would love to hear what you guys have to say! It can be a quirk they have, something nice they do for others, etc.

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  1. I started telling my two closest guy friends I love them, because I honestly do, they’re like brothers to me, I’d move heaven and earth for those guys. And honestly, I feel like guys shouldn’t be so weird about that, we’re talking about people who are family to me, who have always had my back through some tough times, they should hear me say it and know I value them so highly.

    So I just started to throw it in the end of phone calls “thanks for checking in with me, love you brother, talk to you soon”, just normalize it and hope they don’t get weird about it. Turns out neither of them even questioned it, not once. Now they’ll even say it first at the end of calls. That’s real bro shit right there, my guys are all right.

  2. My best friend is a girl. We aren’t dating but everyone thinks we are as we’re so close. We see it more like siblings.

    My favourite thing she does is listen to me. She’s always there to talk, no matter how serious or frivolous the topic. There’s no negative judgement. No matter how obscure, NSFW, personal or deep a conversation goes, she’s never phased by it and will respond equally as open. I’d say that level of open-ness is the reason we’re best friends above all the other reasons.

  3. God, there’s so much. He’s extremely silly and petty in a hilarious, theatrical and harmless way. When we were roommates, we left little notes with disgusting drawings of genitalia for each other to find. He makes up silly little songs and is extremely self aware, and so, so generous with everyone he meets. He’s the guy that makes everyone feel included and seen and he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself.

  4. My best friend is a professional camera man and he loves to show me all the stuff he has filmed. He travels around the world so a lot of things ive never seen before.

  5. He is always there for me and we share a lot of similar views on things. He is my support system and it sucks that we are going to be on opposite sides of the country in a few months.

  6. When I was feeling down a while back, she dropped everything to come listen to me for an hour, made me feel heard and understood, then gave me a hug and bought me ice cream. It surprised me how good it felt to be taken care of by someone for just a little bit, probably because like most guys I’ve always tried to keep that shit to myself as much as possible.

  7. I have 3 friends that I would consider my best friends and for three very different reasons.

    1) Calls me out on my bullshit and we can argue like hell about anything and call each other idiots and be angry and then still respect the fuck out of each other at the end of the day. We’ve been through thick and thin together both emotionally, life circumstance wise, random experiences, etc, for about a decade now and I’m really thankful to have him in my life.

    2) Same friend group as number 1 and he’s much more chill and vibey kind of guy, but we’ve been through most of the same shit.

    3) Genuinely just the funniest guy that makes me laugh, the type of guy I make weird ass dinosaur and screeching noises with, get drunk and dance around with at a bar and look like idiots. Love this guy to death and he really makes me happy.


    I know that’s 3 friends and not a whole lot of specific reasons but damn I am grateful to have these friends, just wish we all lived closer.

  8. He has my back..I have gone through some really tough shit in my life and he is way there to hear me out and to offer subtle advise and support… that’s what a true friend does…

  9. One of my best friends has bad hearing and a wild imagination so whenever you say something she doesn’t hear she makes unfathomable guess like “did you just say snake boots?” or “I thought you said hand dancing!”

  10. Sometimes he’ll start quoting Patrice o Neal or Dave Chappelle then we’ll start re-enacting their whole stand up. One sets up the joke then the other does the punchline. We can go for hours

  11. I really love my best friend, and neither of us is afraid to show it. I’m not very affectionate, it goes to the point where I don’t even like mu family touching me, but I show a lot of affection with him. I can really just talk to him about anything, we spend hours upon hours just talking and “uncomfortable silences” with him aren’t really uncomfortable at all. We’re kind of soulmates in a platonic way and I know we’ll always be there for eachother. Short answer: I love everything we do together.

  12. He’s a dumbass, its hilarious, we both laugh. Honestly though im not really a people person so if we are at a party or anything he can tell when I’m just getting low and can manage to find an excuse to bail. Its really nice sometimes not having to think of that excuse myself when I’m already ready to throttle the next person to talk to me.

  13. Not my best friend but a close one. I swear he always knows what to do and how to cheer me up, it’s crazy. Whenever I’m sad he quickly changes the theme and distracts me from bad thoughts (he knows I’ve been feeling blue for a long time now), knows when it’s appropriate to have a few beers and when it’s not, somehow understand if a girl I’m into is a good choice (he was right about my ex all along), always gives everything he can and.. idk, can’t really express it in words but he’s extremely supportive and I love him for that. He doesn’t like to lie so it hurts sometimes, but it almost always turns out he’s right in the end.

  14. She never makes fun of me. I had a lot of bad friends in the past who I left behind and until I met her, I had no friends. I’m soo thankful for her, even if we are just brisbane friends.

  15. I’m a male and she is female, we work in a hospital pharmacy. Unfortunately we don’t see each other anymore, but when we did. It was like a match made in heaven. We ate lunch together everyday, we always went to find the other to say hi or bye before leaving or starting work. People think we like each other but she has a bf, but they always tease us because we get along so well and just have that chemistry between people who are dating. But we are just friends. I’m her “work husband” and she is my “work wife”. I’ve brought snacks in for her when I know she is having a bad day and would leave a note. I just recently found out that she kept those notes cuz her mom was going thru her room and told her “I found these notes from ur work husband and kept them because they’re cute”. N she told me about it. Even though we don’t see each other as frequently, when we do it’s like nothing changed. Her bf even knows about me n she tells him the cute cheesy things I’d say to her. One time we were at the bar and somehow I got a stain on my pants and couldn’t get it out, she told me to give it to her and she will get it out. It’s been months and she finally figured out a way to get the stain out.

  16. It might sound strange, but chirping or verbal sparring with each other, especially when it’s just the two of us around. It’s like we’re not doing it to show off to anyone or put one another down, but just poking fun at each other for fun’s sake.

  17. We work at the same company, so we see a lot of each other. He also knows how my hitch is going without me bitching to him about it.

    Whenever I’m having a particularly bad hitch, or even just a couple long ass days, sometimes I’ll come home and there will be a mix pack of my favorite brews in the beer fridge and a container of food in the food fridge (we have keys to each others homes). He knows that when I’m working and tired, I don’t take care of myself the best (skip meals, don’t get much sleep, etc.). Sometimes I’ll find he’s taken my laundry to the cleaners if I’m working doubles and running out of clean stuff.

    Dude just looks out for me, and I love him for it.

    Edit: I work a 8 days on, 6 days off rotation so a “hitch” is when I’m working. Doubles are when I’m 6 off, 16 on, 6 off.

  18. Known him since Kingergarten. We’ve been friends for so long, it’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t friends. He’s like a brother to me.

    My favorite thing about him is probably just how close we are. We understand each other in a way no one else can. We’re very similar people, the only difference being he’s more extroverted and I’m more introverted. Even when one of us doesn’t really want to, we’ll play games with each other, sometimes just talk and hang out, and he’s usually the first person I think of when I’m thinking of going out and doing something.

    We’ve had our fights, but he’s always been there for me, even when I wasn’t there for him.

    I still feel bad I wasn’t fully there for him when our classmate, and one of his friends, died in a car accident. I spent a lot of highschool not really associating with him, and I regret that.

    We’re all good now though. He’s there when I need him, and I’m there for him. We don’t really talk about the shit that’s bothering us, but we don’t really have to.

    You don’t always have to say what you’re thinking or feeling, sometimes your friends just know.

  19. Lame jokes.

    A week ago I laughed so hard I cried for the simplest joke ever.

    You know what happens when you drink coke?

    You drink coke.

    I don’t know why but the aura that he gives out while telling this made me cry.

  20. She married me. We had been best friends for 3 years or so and I was in a bad relationship with someone else.

    She could see I wasn’t happy. She sat me down and told me that she could tell I wasn’t happy and she wanted to fix that. My relationship fizzled out, things got romantic with us, and we got married about a year later.

  21. Either he calls me or I call him most days in the morning. This could be anywhere from 6 to 8 o´clock and would mostly consist of us either hackling the other one or talk about our days. We´ve been doing that now for up to 10 years. Don´t even know anymore how this started but it somehow makes me start my day with a smile. And the completly mundane and sudden calls under the day. It´s somehow weirdly relaxing that you can tell somebody about the little things in life and they will actually listen. Also the hugging. We would not see each other for months and the first things we would do when meeting would be hugging it out…and then get completly wasted.

  22. My best friends are awesome. I’m super fortunate to have a number of great friends. I’m not in a relationship, but I’m already thinking about having multiple best men at my wedding because they’re all great. And hell with the friends I have in mind, we hardly talk but once every few months, but it’s not even necessary.

    A couple of the common traits in all of my best friends are empathy, and accountability. We all give a shit about each other, and will call each other out. Each one of us is trying our best to get through this life the best way we can, and we can recognize that in another, and hell recognize it in almost everyone else.

    I’m also fortunate to have friends that have normalized saying I love you and generally showing affection/appreciation for a little over a decade now.

    Not trying to brag, but thinking about the quality of my friendships has me stoked right now. I’m a fortunate man.

  23. Once she was half an hour late to my house because firstly she waited at the wrong stop and picked the wrong bus for like the fifth time and then she found a dog on its own and tried to find its owner.

  24. Genuinely the most amazing musician and songwriter I have ever met. I wish I could be a tenth as good as him.

    But, the best part about him, he is so so so funny. Nobody can make me howl with laughter like that man. Known him since we were 11 and now nearly 30 and the funnies just keep coming!

  25. he just jives with me so easily. i feel like we could have a conversation about anything and our sentences just flow together like they’re coming out of two parts of the same brain.

  26. My friends and I have so many inside jokes it’s ridiculous. They’re so funny as they’re all tied to hilarious memories we shared. I love when we talk around other people outside our close group and they don’t understand what we mean, it’s like a separate language that we understand perfectly.

  27. Randomly flirt with me and our other close friends; it’s honestly been a great confidence booster, even if it’s just jokingly (and everyone knows it can’t be gay if it’s the homies) But in all seriousness, I just really appreciate how much he’s tried to be there for me when I’ve needed it, and all the little things he does that often times have gone and still go unnoticed

  28. Honestly he’s just always there for me. We make sure to keep up because we enjoy each others company but it’s a low maintenance friendship, but we can reavh out to each other anytime we need something and the other will always be there for them

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