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What’s your favorite thing to hear during ohhh? What can your partner say that just turns you on and makes the ohhh better?

Just as the title says. What do you like to hear during ohhh that just makes it even better?

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  1. breathily saying “keep going” – that usually means you’re doing it right and to do exactly what you’ve been doing. it’s validating and sexy as fuck

  2. idk why but guy’s moaning kills me for some reason. it’s on whole another level and makes the sex 72937492482048 times better for me. İ hate guys who just stare at you with empty eyes and don’t answer anything you say no matter how kinky you get 😂😂😂

  3. When my boyfriend is on top of me he will make out with me and sometimes we just stop making out but still have our mouths over each other and I just moan into his mouth while he occasionally slips his tongue in and it’s the hottest most sexiest thing ever

  4. “good girl” gets me every. fucking. time.

    and moaning. my current partner moans allll the time, even when we’re making out, and it’s so fucking hot. tbh, i go down on him 10x more than past partners just because the encouragement is such a turn on.

  5. I really like hearing “you’re so deep inside me” or “I want you to cum inside me”. Compliments are always nice. If you are a girl telling your guy that he’s big is going to boost his ego. Not sure if girls like it when a guy says she’s tight. .

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