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Whats your favorite sports team and biggest rivals ?

Whats your favorite sports team and biggest rivals ?

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  1. Philadelphia Eagles. The rivals we have include the New York Giants, the hilariously new named Washington Football Team, Pittsburgh Steelers, and arguably LA Rams. But our biggest rival in recent years have been the Dallas Cowboys. Fuck them the most.

  2. My city is pretty bad at professional sports. We have teams that we hate who don’t pay much attention to us (Pittsburgh and St. Louis). I guess Columbus Crew is sort of a budding rivalry.

    For college teams, it’s a real bummer that Clemson has gotten so good at football here recently

  3. Favorite team: New York Rangers

    Rivals: ~~New York~~Uniondale Islanders

    Just as the worst wars are civil wars or religious wars between similar sects, this is a viciously heated one.

  4. LAFC – great club, but shitty marketing and could do more for families in the area. And drop
    Some of these South American divas in the squad, and Bob Bradley. Dude is underachieving

    Rival: LA Galaxy – not even in fucking LA and the traffic to get to and from Carson is worse for anyone east of Anaheim compared to getting to DTLA

  5. New York Rangers.

    Our biggest rivals are definitely the New York Islanders, and that’s about as heated any rivalry gets. It’s on the level of genuine hatred needed to start wars. I literally get slightly annoyed every time I see their jersey or logo and colors.

    The New Jersey Devils are also up there. When both teams are good it’s a special rivalry and great to see.

    Then the rest of the metro division. The metro is kinda fucked cause it’s so ridiculously competitive. Though a lot of Rangers fans will have a softer spot for the Washington Capitals for a while because our franchise leading goal tender of fifteen or so years, Henrik Lundqvist, has moved there. He’s been my favourite player since I started following the team and he’s very loved in Rangerstown.

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