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What’s your favorite high school or college memory?

What’s your favorite high school or college memory?

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  1. High school- leaving it behind for good. (It wasn’t really a rough time for me, I’d just never want to be a teenager again)

    College- the good times drinking with good friends most Fridays

  2. Standing up to a bully was pretty cool.

    He was pushing me around, I pushed back (something he was not expecting), so he challenged me to a fight after school. I said fine. I showed, but he didn’t. He also never bothered me again.

    Whether or not he would have actually kicked my ass is beside the point, imo. Win or lose, I figure if you’re going to pick on me, I’m going to make it a pain in the ass for you to deal with.

    It was quite the confidence boost 🙂

  3. My high school had this weird morning meeting where we would all gather in the auditorium and listen to the principle talk for a but. Senior year, my girlfriend at the time and I skipped one day and snuck into the chemistry lab. We locked the door and starting going at it. We started doing it like twice a week or so. Good times.

    College…. some fucker set off the fire alarm (smoking in room) and we all went outside at maybe 2am? In the middle of February so it was cold as hell. One guy on our floor was from Alaska and he was cold… the guy from FUCKING Alaska was cold. Anyways, I met up with a friend and we went to her car, we started to play fight and you know where it went from there.

  4. My college memories are all hitting the books! Very few “fun” memories. Math was a hard degree to get

    My favorite high school memory is probably…gosh there are great ones there but probably getting a blowjob in the industrial arts building at lunchtime. Right by the bandsaw

  5. Bartending along side my soccer coach and AP bio teacher. I lied about my age and got a bartending job at 17 and then proceeded to get her a job there too. Glorious

  6. I went to Wetherspoons with this girl, had gammon and we had a very awkward conversation with a mutual friend and then we kissed as I walked her home. 17 years later we have a small human.

  7. Me and the boys got back from trade school one day, decided to ditch our afternoon classes and instead hopped into two trucks and went to one of the guys properties and tore up some trails and mud pits. I remember one of our buddies who was on the short n chubby side got in the bed of the truck when were climbing up a rocky bumpy hill. He was bouncing around a bunch and decided he was done and as he was hanging onto the tailgate, he turned to us in the cab and waived for us to stop and let him back in, and the buddy driving stomped on his breaks and buddy in the truck bed flew forward and we watched his face and surrounding chubbiness squish into the back windshield like an accordion at what felt like light speed. Lucky he didn’t smash through the back glass but we laughed about that for a good while. Great day overall.

    In college, every day in the lab was great. One particular time during finals, the library was open 24/7 and a there was a guy making balloon animals and the library staff was making hotdogs and coffee. We in the lab were just working on final projects and drinking, and two in particular were pretty blitzed. They both eventually went to the library to get some hotdogs and balloons after several of us others had gone. They came back at separate times, and the most drunk of the two came back first with a sword a shield made out of balloons, stumbling and bumping through the door and to his seat. A few minutes later, the other walked in slightly less stumbly and bumply, and he had a crown and scepter. The drunk knight stood up in like the hands down but bladed stance fight position and started with slurred speech about “oh so you think you can just walk up in here and just decide to be king huh how bout I rip that fucking crown off your head”. And the drunk king replied with “if you touch my crown I’ll kill you mfer” and then they had a shitty drunk slap fight. I miss those late nights in the lab. After that at about 3am we went and took the tray they were serving hotdogs on and slid each other down hills on campus.

    Another time, again during finals, everyone was in the lab late again and the same drunk king showed up after going hunting and had a freshly severed deer head, an 8 point, in the bed of his truck, so I took it inside and had some fun poking it through the door causing some exclamation from everyone in the lab. Then of course I stepped in with it and everyone was like oh haha funny joke -my name- and I’m like yeah haha y’all ever felt deer fur before? And then they realized it was indeed a real deer head and not some kind of fake thing and were immediately more freaked out than before, especially when they noticed my hands were covered in deer blood. The college itself was in a smaller country town and 90% or more of the student body was not from the area, nobody in that lab that night had ever seen a severed deer head that wasn’t taxidermy yet, so that’s why it was a freakout-able thing for them when I had it in my hands. One of the people in the lab was a TA who was from Kenya and he was super interested in it. He held it and had me take a picture of him with it. The drunk king who killed it earlier later gave him some deer jerky too since he had told us he never had it before. Long winded but it was a fun time. I enjoy reminiscing about those times.

  8. I was part of the Academic Decathalon team since I just had a knack for knowing a little bit about everything. We had our district event and I won six medals at the competition (3 bronze + 2 silver + 1 gold). It was the most anyone in my school in recent years took and it surprised the hell out of everyone since I wasn’t necessarly the “top” student in the class.

    What added a cherry to the sundae on the evening was when I went to where my mom worked to show her my medals (I pinned them all on my shirt), she told Jesse Borrego who was there (he’s known for his role as Cruz in Blood In, Blood Out along with a bunch of other shows/movies, and he was a regular at my family’s restaurant). He congratulated me, which was that kind of compliment that just makes you shut up because of how cool it was.

  9. I had a group and two guys just hated eachother for no reason.They would get in nasty arguments over the smallest things.I remember one time they literally got into it over the question “which came first the chicken or the egg” making the nastiest low blows on eachother you’d think one of them fucked the other gf or something. Basically the instigator of our group told them to fight at a spot in the riverbed to settle their problems and they agreed for a 3 min fight. I was scared one of them was gona get their head bashed in the cement and I was gona have to jump in to stop it. The air was so tense on the walk to fight space. But the second the first punch was thrown I just started laughing my ass off. Neither of them knew how to fight but they got some good hits in here and there. We did it under a riverbed and the homeless people all came out their tents it was like we were watching to dudes fight in a modern low budget Roman coliseum. The homeless people were cheering and routing, me and my friends that were spectating were dying. The best part is after the fight they just stopped beefing completely and weren’t necessarily warm to eachother but now talked to each other with an unspoken respect.

  10. Before math class started, one of my girl classmates would sit on my lap in the classroom. One day she just came up to me before class and just sat on my lap. She would put her arm around me and sometimes grind on me. It just became a thing. We talked everyday and I just remember that I was so happy. If my present day self could go back in time I would tell my high school self to ask her out. I really fd that one up lol

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