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What’s your experience with people who unironically call themselves “alphas”?

What’s your experience with people who unironically call themselves “alphas”?

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  1. I never met such a person in real life.

    The closest I got was a few years ago when The Daily Beast discovered who the found of the ___ pill is and did a few stories on him.

    Not surprised, he seemed like a schlump rather than the image he likely projected in his sub.

  2. They’re idiots. They use this because of the term “Alpha Wolf”, but they don’t realise, the person that invented the term that studied wolves, found out that he was in fact incorrect, and “Alpha Wolves”, do not exist. He thought the “Alpha” was the leader of the pack, but then he realised that each adult wolf take turns in the responsibility of the pack for different things. a wolf pack is like any normal functioning family, they each take in turns and work together for the good of the pack. He tried to correct his study, but to no avail.

    Also, They call themselves Alphas to rationalise their arrogance and arsehole behaviour.

  3. I always liked the wolf, sheepdog, sheep analogy better.

    I think all communities need a protector and someone willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their community.

    Also, someone who will stand between their families and a pack of wild dogs. If you have ever faced a snarling German shepherd or pit bull and prevented them from hurting your child then you get it.

    Having raised two large breed dogs, I understand the importance of being an alpha. It has nothing to do with frat houses

  4. Self aggrandizing narcissists, inferiority complexes. —– That term does not ultimately even play out in hierarchies in animal species. A clinical test with rhesus monkeys given LSD determined that ‘what’ their alpha and beta social structure ‘was’ meant nothing while/during/etc of the onset of the LSDs effects. Basically the beta monkeys revolted and flipped the scheme upside down. The dominant alpha monkeys were dethroned.

  5. Usually very insecure. Will get into arguments cause you’re drinking a cocktail instead of their bread soda, per example. Alphas don’t need to call themselves alphas, because you know they are.

  6. They usually have alot of emotional maturing to do. They end up without alot of friends as they get into their 20s and ppl get sick of their narcissism and bullying. The tough guy thing is cool as a teenager in school and maybe college? After that it’s time to give it a rest. These “alphas” usually end up with a certain type of ok looking girlfriend but what you don’t see is the low self esteem with the girl that attracts her to that guy. As she gets older and finds her confidence she will have enough of his crap and leave. These alpha guys turn into the guys that never leave the bar and it gets sad once you are done with your 20s and your hobbies include getting drunk at the bar and being a tough guy and constantly changing jobs and having no stability. Im turning 30 and have watched all these tough guys get divorced, end up on the system and on child support, and become drunks and addicts.

  7. Any man who is really an “alpha” is highly unlikely to ever refer to himself as an alpha. Super small dick energy. Just like guys who tell you “I’m a nice guy”, and you’re automatically certain that they are not.

  8. I have never met someone who calls himself “alpha” but I have met many with a very fragile masculinity. The one I remember the most was a bully from my school. During those years those terms were not popularized but he was the “toxic masculinity” made person. He, for some reason, needed to prove how manly was he, always looking for a fight, he made fun of those who ate anything with a cylindrical shape (bars, bananas, pops, etc), “if you don’t drink alcohol you’re a fag”, it judges you for the music you listened, the games you like playing, the movies you like. He called me a faggot once because i didn’t look up a girl who was on the second floor while i was going down the stairs to try to see her ass under her skirt. But also many mocked him for being paranoid because he liked to see homosexuals everywhere.

    Once I had to go to his home for a task and I met his mother, there I was able to understand many things about him. His mother was divorced and worked for the military, a person so strict and conservative that it made you nervous, to the point that you had to think every word you were going to say for fear of not being misinterpreted, because she was good to use your own words against you if something happens. Sometimes the two of them argued a lot, and it was not a relationship like mother and son, but like two men about to beat each other.

    In few words: imagine a mix between Steve Stifler from American Pie and Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia. He was like it. But anyway, it was annoying and toxic as hell and I’m grateful the last time i heard something from him was 15 years ago.

  9. My brother is kinda one both sarcastically and not.
    He wants to ban gas vehicles, yet He drives a 2001 Mercedes with crappy mileage and refuses to bike anywhere, including under 1 mile trips. Also literally yelling about some climate deal he saw, then putting his 2 stroke jet ski(spits oil in the water) in the water and rides around with friends burning around 10-20 gallons in one ride

    Just to piss me off he yells at and bully’s my German shepherd whenever I’m near.

    Basically there hypocritical douche bags

    He wants change but refuses to do anything about it

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