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Whats your definition of treating your woman right?

What do you do in order to be considered as treating your woman right or the way she deserved to be treated?

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  1. I’m not really sure you can define treating someone right succinctly, in a way that would answer your question. I guess my answer would just be the answer I give for how would I treat anyone, which is “do onto others, how you wished others would do onto you.”

  2. For every action or decision, I consider the effect on the happiness of the both of us. Then, I recheck, considering her happiness as a little bit more important.

    Buying something, doing a chore, watching a film, going to bed, making a coffee, every single action.

    Does it make me very happy and her a little unhappy? Go for it.
    Does it make her very happy and me a little unhappy? Go for it.
    I’m not sure of the balance but I think she’d appreciate it? Go for it.
    Will it make me unhappy for no reason? Nope.

    That’s for the common days.
    For the moments when things get tough, it’s just about remembering that she is above everything else. I hope I never have to decide between her and the rest of humanity, including me, because I would have no doubts.

  3. Nightly neck and back rub, kiss goodbye everytime, ill do her nails, shared household responsibility if both of us is working, I can kill the bugs, she can wear my shirts and stuff IF I get to be little spoon sometimes, I also get back rubs, puns, and she keeps my hairy neck lined up.

  4. Every woman needs and wants different things so there isn’t a true definition. But the basic and the essentials i think are respecting her, supporting her ( in different ways ) and her dreams, sharing the workload ( house chores ) and making her feel loved, important and the only one for you.

  5. Support her, put a roof over her head and food in our fridge, having the conformability to tell her when I think she is wrong or making a mistake, then the ability to deal with the inevitable fallout when she does what she wants anyways. Respect her and be loyal. I’m sure she say the same thing back if the genders in this question was reversed

  6. Disclaimer: Not an exhaustive answer and I’m only talking about how that looks like for me.

    Being physically attentive. It is my primary love language by far, so that’s what comes naturally and plenty. Hugs, cuddling, massages now and then. And a longing grab for her butt. Communicating honestly, but compassionatly. Being emotionally available. Trying to understand her. Honoring agreements. Including her in my planning. Sharing common goals. Taking time out of my day to be just with them without distraction. Making an effort to understand what they like and trying to give it to them. Loving to be a shoulder to cry on for them.

  7. Well, I’ve been in relationships where my gf said I didn’t treat them right. So over the years, I would say it’s love, respect, trust, admiration, support, consideration, and honesty. Making sure she’s a priority and feels appreciated. Teamwork with some romance, especially. Friendship should be the base.

    But I’m a fucking bum, so what do I know.

  8. No one deserves to be treated in a special way unless they deserve it. When I’m in a relationship, I treat my partner with respect, love, caring, and warmth because that’s how I would also like to be treated. I used to treat girlfriends well simply because I thought women deserved special treatment simply because they were women. Never again.

  9. I’m not a guy but treat women like you would treat a man in a formal setting. Being really nice to women should only be for women who treat you well and who are dating you. This also helps in another way, if a woman is acting stupid, treat her how you would if you saw a man behave that way. Be nice to everyone, anyone who is not nice to you treat them the same way they treat you, give them the same treatment back, cut off women who use their gender privelege on you for irrational reasons.
    This brings me to the second point never hit a woman if she hasn’t hit you first, but in my opinion you are allowed to hit back a woman with whatever force you have to use if she attacks you. If you will get in trouble for that get a female friend to punch the woman in question if she hits you even if it’s the next day or something.

  10. Like any creature; good behavior should be rewarded with positive reinforcement (chocolate, her favorite movies, etc.) and bad behavior should be reprimanded with taking those things away (but not adding unwarranted pain/misery).

    So it all depends on her. What she decides to do will dictate if she’s worth “treating right” in whatever situational capacity therein.

    Same goes for anyone and anything under the sun: pets, wildlife (though domesticated is usually better) and obviously myself included.

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