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What’s the your favorite hairstyle for a black woman to wear?

I’m tryna figure out some new ones and possibly decide my next one. If you describe it and put a picture you’re a god thank you

Edit: please don’t answer with “not [insert hairstyle here]” I thought this would be a cute post for some hair inspo I don’t need any hate! We love all hair textures and styles here

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  1. Something that fit her natural curly hair. A big 70s/80s style afro is just so incredibly cool in my eyes. Cornrows are another great example of a hair cut that embraces the natural curly heir. I’m in love with both the cute double hair buns and the classic single or double ponytail too.

  2. Short hair of your choice. Some look good in small Afro ( very underrated hairdo IMHO). Some look totally hot bald. Hair is a very individual thing. What works on one person doesn’t have to work on others.

  3. Oh, shit. Afro puffs in any arrangement are awesome. Particularly the arrangement /u/prevori suggests.

    I like cornrows, but I’m into MMA, and the athletes braid up before fights, so I’m biased…an Afro of course is good stuff, particularly if it’s well-shaped.

    As a Black man…anything is fine, as long as its hygienic and natural. Low maintenance is a definite bonus. I don’t wanna have to wait forever for you to do your hair.

    I’d rather date a woman who was bald than date one with a weave or who couldn’t rest her head on a pillow because it’ll mess up her perm.

  4. I’m a big fan of the natural afro, afro ponytail, and afro puffs. I do appreciate most other styles, like braids and dreads, but the first three are my favorite, and in that order.

  5. Big and natural. A fineapple is nice.

    My wife likes to wear braids. While I appreciate the protective nature, she also likes to rest her head on my chest, and that’s not comfortable with braids.

  6. Nothing fake. Fake hair, fake nails…more makeup than a clown…hate it all. I don’t want to wake up with someone I don’t recognize. I mean, you go ahead and do you, but that would be my preference. I don’t mind if you dress to impress and make yourself look nice, but too much is too much. Women are beautiful, just accent what you already have. Guys are horrendously easy to please.

  7. Anything besides wigs, weaves, or short styles of bald fades! Wear your twa and grow out your hair. I don’t care if you have twists, braids, afro, blowout, or something like that.

    I’m big on seeing sisters with natural hair. Seeing weave/wigs makes me sick.

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