What’s the worst possible name for a baby?

What’s the worst possible name for a baby?

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  1. Any name where the parents decide to write it different than normal. Airwrecka pronounced Erica.

    (I read this one here on reddit a while ago, details may be wrong)Or the girl that was named Rebecca but was written Reb Eca Lastname. She had problems with her driving licence and other documents. Some would write it “Reb E. Lastname”, some “R. E. Lastname” , or even “Lastname, Reb Eca”. Those that just read her name and didn’t know the fuckery behind it would call her “Reb”.

    How the fuck would you explain to your kid why you gave them a fucked up name and a bunch of problems with it? Rebecca got her name fixed when she turned 18 atleast.

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