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What’s the worst opinion you’ve ever had?

What’s the worst opinion you’ve ever had?

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  1. I knew a guy who thought that Darwinian evolution meant that everything becomes more complex, and that this could be applied to all things. Music that is more complex is OBJECTIVELY better as it is more evolved, thus technical death metal is objectively the best genre of music ever to exist.

  2. Homophobia. It’s how I was raised.

    When I was about 14 ish I started to reason and use actual logic in my brain and couldn’t come up with any logical reason why nontraditional sexuality should be wrong and started fighting back against my family when they would act that way.

    Now I’m 29 and comfortably 70% straight. Parents still don’t know lmao. Not their business

  3. I used to be a hardcore libertarian. Ron Paul was my god, and everyday I worshipped at the throne of Paul.

    Then I realized libertarianism will never work, because people just cannot be trusted to be inherently good, or to have high intelligence. The lowest among us would drag down society until we lived in a Fallout style wasteland.

  4. I remember thinking to myself around 16 years old that I was always right. I mean I remember that thought clearly. Whoof how massively wrong I was and what a dumbass.

  5. Police abandoned me well I was paralyzed from being ran down in a neighborhood by a man operating a honda civic. The opinion of the public and police was I was capable of getting up myself and to a hospital myself.

    My lawyer loves me lol

  6. When I was 16-19 and still very much involved in Christianity, I believed that marriage was one man and one woman and it shouldn’t be legal for two people of the same sex to be married.

    I think it’s important to never forget the stupid shit you used to believe and always remember that some of the shit you believe now you might come to realize you are wrong about in 20 years. In fact, I have less and less opinions the older I get.

  7. Depends on what you mean by worst opinion. I’m a pro life atheist, and people on Reddit really seem to dislike that. I’ve also been banned for explaining why many men prefer not to settle down with 304s. So if by worst you mean most controversial, then maybe either of those.

  8. That the human experience is so intrinsically different sometimes, that we reach an ideological point where we are fundamentally different.

    And that was wrong, it all actually boils down to humans trying to not kill each other as a consequence of our existential meaninglessness.

    And we fail a fuckton because whole subsections of us refuse to believe that there really is no overarching meaning in all of this other than that we are here and can only decide to continue in the most civilized manner.

    Or regress into animals.

  9. I used to think I didn’t like Skrillex because I didn’t want to hop on the band wagon. The development and progress this dude has made musically over the years is amazing and he’s by far one of the best dj’s I’ve ever heard

  10. According to the internet and its lovely people, my opinion that Hitler was a good leader is an awful opinion. Then they always immediately go to World War II and the Holocaust. Yeah, those are excellent points, but I’m saying he was a good leader. I said nothing about him being even a slightly decent person.

    Seriously, he got the population of Germany motivated, jump started the tanking German economy, helped reduce inflation, was a great public speaker, and rallied the people behind a cause. Granted both of those causes were terrible, but at least WWII was inevitable after the Treaty of Versailles. There’s just that little bitty issue of having 17 million people killed for the hell of it because he was salty he didn’t get into art school.

    Either that or when I used to think that suicidal people should off themselves to speed up natural selection. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me in sixth grade.

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