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What’s the worst assumption other men make about you?

What’s the worst assumption other men make about you?

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  1. I’ve been told a couple times by people I went to high school with that they assumed I smoked weed because I was always really chill. It was weird because I’m against drinking, smoking and drugs (for myself, you all can do whatever you want).

    I also got told once directly and many times indirectly that I don’t know what it’s like to really struggle because I’m a white male. Well joke’s on them, depression and anxiety accepted me regardless of my skin color!

  2. I think a lot of men think I’m going to be very competitive, but I’m really not – I’m pretty laid back I don’t need to be the top dog in a room. Generally this means that shy or unsure guys need some extra coaxing to relax around me, and competitive men sometimes get frustrated that I don’t challenge them when they thought I would.

  3. I maintain a beard pretty well to be honest. Other guys always treat beards as if it’s the key to getting ladies. To them, growing a beard essentially turns on a lady magnet.

    Turns out it really doesn’t make up for my low self confidence and less-than-attractive appearance.

  4. I look skinny a bit and don’t look like have muscle s enough, my friends, even my parents thinks I don’t have enough power for anything. But I worked several jobs beside college and all of them based on power.

    I think the reason is I never intend to get in to fight, I always use my mind to get out of the situation.

  5. That I’m strong. I’m weak af, but I’m skinny, I look like I work out and people just assume that I am strong, that I can help lifting big things and so on. I can’t carry 20+ kg with my hands for more than a few seconds, but everyone always asks me to help carry things.

  6. That I’m lying when I say i dont smoke or drink or anything else in that category or that I can relate to everything that happens to men, especially when growing up. Also, I look young, so I get underestimated a lot about experiences and life lessons.

    I’d go more specifically but I saw someone else answer “white privilege”, so I’ll keep other really bad assumptions to myself.

  7. That I want to listen to them be assholes. What I mean is like when some random guy I’m standing in line with strikes up a conversation with me and then it goes south with them saying bigoted or misogynistic things.

    Some people have no filter and I don’t know what goes through their mind when they approach a stranger and start talking shit about entire groups of people. It’s only ever other white guys who do this.

  8. I don’t really have a worse thing, but a lot of people assume I either smoke, drink, or have had many sexual relations. Which is weird cause I’ve never done any of those things.

  9. I have what I call resting serial killer face. At times it makes people think I’m angry, frustrated, or bored, etc. Bouncers especially like to comment on my drivers license because I’m forced to put on a neutral expression

  10. Well I’m a tall, lean, somewhat skinny jean wearing, longish hair having, quiet, vegetarian.

    Picture me.

    People assume a lot about me.

    -That I’m following trends.

    Nope. Not avoiding them either.

    -That I’m entitled.

    Grew up dirt poor in a $150 a month place that we couldn’t keep up with. The back yard was woods that I played in. Those woods were where people dumped their garbage.

    -That I’m weak or not athletic.

    My hobby is indoor rock climbing and I’m pretty good at it. It’s very intense. Seriously, try it.

    -That I can’t fight.

    Close enough to true. I’m not great at it.

    -That I won’t defend myself or others.

    Somewhat true about myself.
    Completely false about those I love, and I’ve proven it. My step dad that we had escaped said he was coming down with a gun for my mom at her place. I waited all day right inside her door with a baton. I was ready to kill or die. He never showed, but I know I would have tried if he had. Keyword “tried”.

    -That I hate/judge people who eat meat.

    I do not. I ate it most of my life, and I was never evil or mean spirited. I made my choice and it’s just that. My own choice.

    -You might assume by reading this that my balls are crushed by my skinny jeans, or that my package is small enough to not be affected.

    Nope, that’s why I said somewhat skinny.

    Edits: Multiple edits to make it easier to read.

  11. It’s not the *worst*, but the number of drug dealers who lead with “Wanna buy some heroin?” is alarming. Like, what, I don’t look like I can afford the good shit? Why BTH? You don’t know me, maybe it’s just laundry day and I love doing pure Colombian cocaine.

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