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What’s the point of flaking?

Been casually seeing a guy on and off since the beginning of college, but I ghosted twice early on. I reached back out before quarantine to clear the air because I realized it was wrong of me to ghost, but I wasn’t really expecting a response. To my surprise, he said he definitely wanted to hang again. Fast forward to the present, we’ve been trying to hang for two weeks and he’s realn me off every single time even though he’s the one that keeps making plans. I flat out told him that it’s fine if he changed his mind and doesn’t want to hang anymore, but he keeps apologizing and making elaborate excuses even though I’m not asking him to. I’m just like, if he doesn’t want to see me, what’s the point of setting dates just to cancel over and over. What gives?

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  1. He’s lowered you in priority to the point where he’ll flake on you if he has anything else better to do. He doesn’t mind the thought of seeing you, but he also doesn’t mind the thought of doing anything else instead.

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