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What’s the most uncomfortable somebody has made you by touching you?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a ohhhual way but it can be.

The most uncomfortable I’ve ever been by having someone touch me was when I was 12 or 13 and my teacher started giving me a shoulder massage in class.

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  1. I really dislike strangers touching me anywhere. I had my head shaved once, and mother fuckers would rub my head. Like… strangers on a bus or whatever. I ended up wearing a hat to keep them from rubbing my head like I was a fucking lucky lamp or some shit.

  2. You know where someon is just a dirty person? Like filth kinda dirty? My uncle is that person, like we have rules in our family where we don’t take food from his hand, never sit next to him at a meal. Stuff like this.

    One night we went round for dinner that my aunt had lovingly made for us, now I was unlucky enough that I had to sit next to him on the sofa and breath the same air and just generally smell him (not nice). The worst part however was that he kept saying how his pork chops tasted better than everyone else’s and kept offering for me to have a chunk, all the while I’m telling him no. Well he saw this as a free pass, so mid way through me telling him I don’t want any, he proceeds to ram his fingers (along with a pork chop into my mouth at which point I started gagging and feeling just a little violated. Needless to say I never finished my meal and haven’t been back for dinnersince

  3. Yikes

    Not counting sexual assault?

    I got groped by a fellow sailor in the middle of a brief i was giving to my commanding officer. Master chief, and my DIVO warrant officer.

    Stopped me dead in the tracks and I wasn’t sure where to keep going. It also stopped my brief and because it was in front of my entire chain of command a sexual assault investigation got started.

    Real fun way to meet me entire command on my first brief with them. Yeah…

  4. My old bosses wife used to try to slap my ass, hug me, rub my shoulders and even “jokingly” choked me once.

    Like we’re at work, my boss is your husband, I don’t really like you, wtf are you doing?

    Then she’d call me weird for reacting defensively.

    After she choked me I reported it, she denied even remembering that it happened. The touching or attempts did stop after that though.

  5. Just started at a newer church. Met a couple during the “turn to your neighbor and say hi” portion. At the end of the service when they were praying the guy came over and placed his hands on my shoulder and started talking in gibberish. Apparently, he was “speaking in tongues”


    All I know is dude was invading my personal space and sounded like people puking on south park.

  6. I was at a party and a woman kept pulling me towards her trying to kiss me in front of everyone because I “Had nice lips” then sat on my lap and continued to do it. She then grabbed my face and squeezed saying I was cute I got up and left the party after.

  7. I get uncomfortable when someone is holding onto my arm when talking to me and I get irrationnally angry whenever someone touches me on the back especially if I didn’t see them come close

  8. A random drunk woman gave me a back rub on the Fenway Park concourse. She was okay looking but freaked me out. I was either in line for the bathroom or Fenway frank.
    I checked around to see if she was coupled with anyone but she was just handsy. I am a huge sox fan and it was my first trip to Fenway in over 20 years and this is the memory that stuck.

  9. I was on my way to school and a group of guys, who mostly were in my sport and recreation class kept saying I have a nice ass. (I’m a dude and I do have a nice ass) but thats beside the point. I’m straight and it obviously didn’t sit well with me but I just kept walking because it was just banter.

    Then the dude slaps me on the ass and I swing at him. I said “Try that shit with me again mate, and i’ll knock your fucking head off, you got me?” They learnt real quick.

    My friend group from when I went to primary school know exactly what I’m like. I’m your best mate till you fuck with me, then i’ll rip your head off.

    I’m very much like my father who went through a hard life, much harder than mine. Anyone that went up in his face, he would clean the floor with them. However that was when it was just a bar fight and then move on with your night. Now I can hit someone and get fucked legally, so I didn’t take it too far.

  10. I got stopped by the cops and they were grabbing my balls excessively a quick pat is understandable but this guy was groping my balls I’m wearing thin baggy basketball shorts. And then in the end they took $20-40 dollars from my wallet. Fuck the police man

  11. At my old workplace there was a guy that I got major creeper vibes from. I never liked him and spoke to him as little as possible. It never stopped him from talking to me or circling around my desk area. Well one day when I was talking to my actual friend he for whatever reason joined our conversation and put his hand on my shoulder. Scandalous I know, but I immediately curved my body out of it and said “dont touch me”. The guy looked so confused and disappointed. A different coworker and friend told me my vibes were correct and he personally witnessed creeper moments from this guy. And the friend from the conversation and I talked about it a lot. This was a few years ago and my shoulder still feels gross.

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