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What’s the most overrated fast food restaurant and why?

What’s the most overrated fast food restaurant and why?

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  1. Tim Hortons. Their main menu has taken a general dive in quality over the years. Coffee still isn’t great, but it’s cheap and never more than 2 minutes away.

  2. Sonic. Sure the shakes are…. Shakes. Every time I’ve had fries it was a mushy soppy mess, hotdogs were bland, burgers were meh and dry the two or three times I had one. I had friends that liked it so I’ve had it a few dozen times. Never liked anything that wasn’t served in a cup.

  3. Panera. The food is always half-assed made, the place is always dirty, yet they think they’re special cause they have “healthy” options to eat. They’re just too overrated.

  4. All of them. A chicken sandwich meal is like $10 now at McD. Same with BK and TB.
    Might as well go to chipotle or something “fast casual” and for the same price get something actually good.

  5. Tacobell in eastern europe i guess. Kept hearing Americans describe how good it is and how spicy some things are and i got excited when I heared one has opened in my city. Ordered the spiciest thing they have and i barely felt anything. I even have to put in the sauce myself in the burrito LMAO

  6. I have 3.

    1. Red Robin – fries suck. Burgers are meh. Wait times through the roof for what should take 10 minutes tops.

    2. Dunkin donuts – I live in the east US. It’s a way of life for lots of people. But dunkies coffee is absolute trash, always burnt. Donuts are good but not worth it for crap coffee at a silly price.

    3. Tim Hortons – at least the one I was at in the US, same issue as dunkies. Over hyped, coffee sucks.

  7. I’m probably going to get a lot of hate here but In and Out.

    Not only do you have a gigantic wait at drive through while trying to navigate a hair pin curve that is ever present at all their locations, at least to the dozen that I’ve been too personally, but the anticipation leads to an average burger, slightly above average fries, and a sub par milkshake. I believe, and I could be way off here, that In and Out has been mythologized to the point where people truly believe that they hold the holy grail of fast food. Legends of this place made it’s way East and it has become the ‘place to eat whilst in California.’ To me, their offerings are just average at best.

  8. I’m just waiting for some person to say in n out. Cus where else can you get a drink good fries(animal style) and a nice ass double burger for $8. The shit is godly not overrated

  9. Popeyes. The chicken is… fine. Spicy is all heat no flavor. Sides are mostly salt. The biscuits are great at first, then just taste like flour.

    It’s not *terrible*, it’s just not the amazing thing that some people make it out to be.

  10. Chick Fil A. They’re everywhere in Texas and there’s always a line out the door and the drive through is always extremely packed. But like…. they’re just okay. Not worth that kind of wait. Here in Seattle there’s like one, and it’s always ALWAYS packed to the brim. Packed so much that the cars in the drive through stack up and go out into the road and create bad traffic. I could not fathom waiting more than 10 minutes for fast food. I have a suspicion it’s not because the food is popular, but because of the owners religious beliefs.

  11. Chick fil a . Only because I’m an extra crispy chicken and extra crispy fries kinda girl . I like to hear a crunch when I bite and this does not happen here…

  12. Everyone says Chick-fil-A is super amazing, I have no clue why, everywhere there is bland. The chicken’s alrightish, the fries are kinda okay at best. Absolutely nothing special about it, nothing to get exited for.

  13. Taco bell. It always surprises me, coming from Europe, where there is almost no mexican restaurants, that American’s would choose to eat from Taco Bell when there are so much better Mexican eateries!

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