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What’s the male equivalent of the tramp-stamp?

What’s the male equivalent of the tramp-stamp?

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  1. This thread is my biggest issue with getting a tattoo myself. I have none, and I don’t have plans. It just seems like such a “fashion trend”, except it’s waaaayyy more painful to be in style, and then to get back out of style, with removal. And, might I add, costly.

    I’d rather just have the cooler haircut. Most of the time, it grows back. I never jumped on the Ed Hardy bandwagon, though. So, missed opportunity?

  2. Sat behind my friend on a motorcycle once. The idiot tried doing stunts without telling me. Burnt my leg on the exhaust pipe. Got a permanent stamp of someone else’s stupidity on me.

  3. The Goldberg tattoo. Fat, dumpy, racist white kid in my basic training company got one when we were training in Arizona. The tattoo artist couldn’t see correctly so it looked like a crooked, off-scale create-a-wrestler tattoo from Smackdown vs. Raw 2008.

  4. The Absolut best has been posted so many times: barbed wire arm tattoo (tribal tattoo on non native person)

    Tramp stamp (because some guys do it as well)

    Axes body spray.

    Pierced tongue.

    Pierced nipple.

    Ed Hardy anything.

    Wearing your pants halfway down your ass (clearest “mount me” symbol ever).

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