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What’s the male equivalent of girls who are half decent at make up starting a make up instagram page?

What’s the male equivalent of girls who are half decent at make up starting a make up instagram page?

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  1. It’s one of three things:

    They are the best in their group of friends at a video game so they start live-streaming via twitch.

    They won their fantasy sport league and think they have so much insight into the game so they start a fantasy sports blog.

    They were the class clown in HighSchool and crave the attention again so they start doing stand up comedy at open mic nights.

    I know men who have done each.

  2. Definitely instagram fitness pages. Lmao fuck 98% of em are just so cringe. When did functional muscle/fibers become such a novelty idea? Everyone wants to just be yoked from up and down or in and out motions, for no goddamn reason.

  3. I totally want to go to this page and tell people that just cause the internet is going to laugh at you for doing stuff, you should do it anyways.

    Yeah, the barrier of entry is much bigger than it used to be cause every commonly found field are absolutely saturated, but how else are you going to learn? You can’t read a book on how to be a tech YouTuber.

    And yeah, sometimes you gotta need to act bigger than you actually are, but that’s just how it goes with life. You gotta fake it till you make it cause humans do buy that stuff. Just don’t stop improving.

  4. Self-proclaimed famous YouTubers with a few videos uploaded of their CS:GO or Minecraft plays with 10 views each. The amount of people I played with who said they wanted to be like PewDiePie and be a famous YouTuber was astounding. Even more so when you learned that they sunk thousands of dollars, time and effort only to end up with zero results.

    They all thought they were going to make it big. That it’d become their career. Never happened.

  5. I can’t believe no one has said it FAST FOOD REVIEWS where they sit in the parking lot and record themselves eating. It’s usually a disgusting visual and they have no consistent rating system. If the person happens to like chicken then all chicken gets an 11 out of 10 and if they don’t like fish it either never gets reviewed or it’s a 0 out of 10. Bonus points for a super long winded introduction so the food is room temperature by the time they open it.

  6. guys who go to the gym and thing themselves fitness coaches.

    Guys who are halfway decent at video games so they start streaming in twitch (what I did)

    Guys who like to cook and make an instagram about it.

    Guys who somewhat understand an complex topic and start a podcast.

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