What’s the lowest thing you’ve done for ohhh?

What’s the lowest thing you’ve done for ohhh?

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  1. Drove 2 hours when I was like 18 to fuck a girl I had met at summer camp years before. I was so horny I didn’t care that it was late af and I wasn’t even guaranteed to get laid.

    The lowest part was that I got my car stuck in a ditch at like 1am on the way home, couldn’t get it out and my phone was dead. I was so dumb. I had been drinking (like an idiot kid) and a highway patrol officer found me. He didn’t notice I was drunk, I told him I had driven to see a girl and got lost, tried to u-turn and slipped in the gravel.

    He bought it, called me a tow truck, and left. I had gotten laid, so definitely worth it. Sometimes I still think about hitting up the girl because she was a wild one. But a bit too much for my taste.

  2. Made a girl I didn’t really find super attractive but still hot for some reason fly all the way over from Italy to meet me just to have sex and acted like I was seriously interested in a relationship with her up until that point.

    Turns out she was a virgin and super shy about the whole sex thing, so it didn’t even happen even though we did sexting a lot before she came here. I ended up staying with her at her hotel room for a few days, only kissed and cuddled every night and then just ignored her after she returned home.

    I met her on an anonymous chat app at a moment when I was so fucking horny I didn’t know what I was doing. Still my biggest regret. She probably lost so much self confidence because she put so much energy into the whole ordeal and eventually got ignored anyway.

    My biggest fuck up ever and I still feel ashamed for it. Lesson learned: Don’t act like you’re seriously attracted to a girl with low self confidence just to get in her pants.

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