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What’s the biggest non-ohhhual fantasy you have, right now?

What’s the biggest non-ohhhual fantasy you have, right now?

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  1. Being a part of, or even hosting, a group of close friends who get together regularly to play games, laugh, drink, or just chill out and be there for each other.

    I’ve tried to build this more than once in my life and people’s drama always kills it at some point.

  2. I have this fantasy where I’m an adult, like mid-40s. I’m out on my deck smoking a cigar by myself enjoying the crisp October breeze while staring up at the night sky. While I’m out there I’m reflecting on my rough and honestly traumatic childhood. Meanwhile my wife, kids and dogs are all inside laughing it up enjoying themselves. As I’m looking back at them all I do is smirk and think to myself “I made it, mom and dad, I made it.”

  3. Winning the lottery… I fantasize about it enough that when I get bored, I “house shop” on Zillow for the kind of home I’d buy if I won, say, $5 million (enough where I’d never have to work again, but not so much that the concept of money becomes functionally meaningless)

  4. That someone invent a hyperdrive, a warp drive, anything that would let us go out and explore. I would clean toilets and wear a red shirt, if that is what it would take to get on one of those ships.

  5. So I have this child, right. And I’m going around – the little thing is like 5 years old or something – and I’m trying to figure out what its innate talents are.

    I introduce them to football, and cricket, and playing the guitar and random nonsense like that. Things I don’t really care about but, because I know that each person has something that they’re naturally gifted at, I spend a lot of time try to find out what this child’s is.

    Also, teaching them how to hunt with a blowgun. Building a blowgun. Fashioning different types of darts for the blowgun. Aiming the blowgun. Really, I just randomly learned how to use a blowgun and I might as well teach my children how. They’re remarkably effective.

  6. I’m married with three kids, the wife and I have the full time jobs, own a home, all that shit…

    I had this dream one time where I found out for some reason I still had access to this old apartment I used to have before I got married. It became this place i could go to and just be alone for a little while and not have to worry about anybody else’ needs.

    I’m happily married, my wife is cool as shit and my kids are awesome, but apparently I miss “carelessness”, haha!

  7. I want to bring Worker Unions back to America so we won’t even need a federally mandated minimum wage because collective bargaining will be good enough.

    God, worker’s rights gets my dick so fucking hard!

  8. An amazing home gym with a platform, power rack, quality barbell, lots of plates and loads of dumbbells. It also has a bench, a rower, kettle bells, bands, pull up bar and chalk. Everywhere you want to use chalk you can use chalk.

  9. I like to think about owning a beautiful home, somewhere on the west coast. I’d have enough property for a circle track, and a shop where I park my classic cars. I’d have a wife/girlfriend who is madly in love with me, as I would be mad for her. As a recent college graduate, acquiring a house, a career, and hopefully a spouse are sort of the next steps in life for me.

  10. Winning the lottery and then planning out which private jet I’m going to buy and where I’m going to take it… Probably should just stop fantasizing at the lottery part, though.

  11. Buying a fixer upper house in a nice neighborhood, doing all the projects with the love of my life, and then settling down and growing a family in said house. At this point in my life, the money is cool but just doesn’t do it for me. I want true happiness, and in my case this fantasy would make me the happiest I’ve ever been.

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