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Whats the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from bathroom graffiti?

Whats the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from bathroom graffiti?

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  1. Not bathroom graffiti…this was written on the inside of the nosecone of a rocket ship-shaped climbing structure at a playground.

    The 3 Rules of Acid:

    1. You can’t fly.

    2. Cars are real.

    3. They know. They all know.

  2. When I was still in high school I wrote some random cry for help in a bathroom stall, and when I went back the next day someone added their number and said ‘call me.’ I never did contact them but I wish I did. Either way, it was a really meaningful gesture.

  3. Well, when I was about 12 there was this park nearby I’d go to. It had those restrooms without doors that you just walk into. Dividers and walls completely covered in writing. Lots of “for a good time call ***” tags. Well I called some of those numbers at the payphone there. One was an older lady who obviously knew I was a kid, and she asked me to describe my dick and say how long it was and wanted me to wait there at the park for her. I didn’t.

  4. “If a problem can be solved then why worry, if it can’t be solved then what’s the point in worrying.” Honestly I think about this advice all the time and it has help be a lot with life obstacles.

  5. “Beep boop, I compute and poop”

    Ah, the life of a comp sci major. What’s funnier is that this was written in the bathroom of the primary comp sci college building on my campus.

  6. I found some real gems in a bathroom at a climbing crag:

    “Happiness is doubled when shared”

    “Respond to everything with kindness”

    “10/10 would shit again”

    “Try to relax your anus… And your shoulders”

    “Love your belayer”

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