What’s the best pair of sunglasses you’ve owned?

I’m looking for a pair right now and wanted suggestions.

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  1. I had a nice chonky pair of Maui Jim’s that I liked a lot. The polarization worked well, the lenses were nice and big. they felt well built, and they were basic black so not flashy.

  2. I’m also going with Maui Jim, but I also had a pair of Oakley’s with blue tint lenses that I loved. I either sat on them or dropped them about 100 times, but they never scratched or broke.

  3. Oakleys half jackets. I don’t like aviator style.

    My Oakleys have stood up pretty good and were awesome except I scratched the lenses so I need to buy replacement lenses. But they lasted a good 10 years before that.

  4. Ray-Ban Justin. Simplistic, and in my opinion a much improved version of their wayfarers. They’re the first pair of “expensive” shades I’ve purchased, and I don’t regret it.

  5. Whatever Chinese brand these $11 Amazon specials are. My experience, overwhelmingly, has been that cheap aviators last forever and I never lose them, while nicer ones immediately get lost, stolen, or damaged. And since they’re so cheap, I can keep a pair in both cars.

    To be clear, I’m only into aviators with black polarized lenses. They cut glare significantly when I’m driving, which is my primary use case. The large lenses provide an unobstructed view, especially in the peripheral cone, which is especially appreciated behind the wheel.

  6. The cheap pair i bought last time I went to the optometrist. Maybe $50? I’ve owned expensive name-brand sunglasses and they’ve always ended up breaking. The ones I have now just will not die.

  7. I bought a pair of sunglasses from a sport shop, they are said to be for sailing. They are not fashionable but the UV protection is great and the shape is nice because the gap between the skin and the glasses is tight, unlike “flat” glasses.

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