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What’s the best decision you took in your 20s and now happily collecting fruits from?

**EDIT**: Thanks for all the comments, I’m trying my best to atleast read them. I’m getting valuable life tips and ideas. I hope that this is useful to others as it is to me.

**EDIT2**: I might aswell share my best decision yet even if I’m very young. You guys all shared amazing experiences and I want to join the fun. I got into the hardest Engineering College in my country without any basic knowledge. I had to study ’til 3-4 AM to make up for the lack of basic requirements. Fast forward 3 years I’m still finishing my last exams while working in a very qualified and people-driven IT company. I learned that if you have supportive surroundings (family, friends, partner) and a great will to succeed you’ll eventually accomplish most of the things you undertake. I repeat, I’m still very young, but life has yet to prove me wrong. I have to admit that the fact that it might scares me, but when the time will come it’ll be an opportunity to grow even more.

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  1. A number of people here are saying things like “marrying the right girl”. The right girl didn’t come along for me until much, much later. But I congratulate myself frequently for not marrying the *wrong* girl, or heavens forbid, buying a house and having kids with her.

  2. Losing weight. Like, holy shit it’s been such a good thing. I was always big into strength training and had a good amount of muscle built up but I had zero discipline with keeping bodyfat low. Since losing 90-ish pounds of fat and having my muscle show through a lot more, I feel more confident, have more energy, and constantly get complimented on my appearance and checked out by people. It’s been such a huge boon to my mental health that I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is still overweight.

  3. I worked in a CNC shop and learned how all the machines work.
    How ALL the machines work.
    Fast forward 10 years, and I now work at a medical research company as a prototyper. We are building a device to automate gene therapy, making it cheap and available for the non-rich.

    Edit: a lot of people are asking me what company I work for. I’m not gonna dox myself here, but i’ll tell ppl if they DM me.

  4. First that comes to mind: Lost weight.

    Started at age 27 and my dating life SKY rocketed at 28. This lead to more confidence, which lead to making friends easier. This lead to me wanting to focus on myself, which gave me a much healthier mindset. I also noticed the actual health benefits.

  5. To seek counselling for my depression and dedicate two hours a day to myself.

    A year of counselling and spending 2 hours a day focused at the gym propelled me to achieve a few dreams I’d written off previously. My head was clearer, my body fitter, my confidence higher. Walking into meet with my psychiatrist and handing her a half full bottle of antidepressants was the most liberating feeling at the time. I acknowledge their importance in me getting healthy, and I knew it was the time to let go of them. Things have been pretty good ever since.

  6. I deleted all my social media right after college and stopped giving a fuck what everyone else was doing. 31 now, apart from trying to convince women that don’t already know me that I’m not a serial killer, I couldn’t be happier

  7. Save money, rid yourself of debt as quickly as possible and start a nest egg as early as you possibly can. Don’t live over your means. That way when you are retired you will be set.

  8. Still in my twenties, but have made countless mistakes and suffered from low self esteem and self-degrading thoughts. After around 15 jobs and 4 years, no joke, I’m now fighting through the negatives and exercising most days, eating healthily, obtained a new part-time job, and applied for an electrical apprenticeship. Words cannot express how a little self discipline can go a long way if you are having issues with your attitude in life. Start small, start with one thing and build. Don’t overload too fast, and remember to enjoy your life. Not everything is a chore, you can enjoy it. Not everything is rosy yet and even as I type this I worry about my dedication to it all, but those are the exact thoughts that need to be removed from your mind.

  9. Travelling for over a year. To sustain that you really learn a lot about just getting things done, and doing what it takes to make a living. For example, I worked under the table in Australia by just walking up and down main streets and asking in every restaurant if they needed someone to wash dishes. Hauled garbage, picked fruit, shoveled shit on farm, worked on a fishing boat. The exposure to so many situations has been an immense benefit to my ability to make good choices with limited information.

  10. Sticking it out with getting my masters immediately after getting my bachelors. Was immensely challenging as it was a two-masters-in-two years program while I worked retail full time but I did it and two and a half years after I graduated I’m in a nice job with a decent salary and excellent benefits.

    I view “frontloading” on advanced education in your 20s as insurance of your future and the freedom it gives me in terms of being picky with employment is indescribable.

  11. Lived with my parents after I graduated college.

    I saved every dollar I had, paid off 30K of student loans in 7 months, practically paid off my truck, saved up money for 20% on a brand new 3,000 sq ft house and my wedding. I had no debt (besides my house) and had saved up a good chunk of change for a rainy day.

  12. -Investing. PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

    -Strategic Credit Card Usage (for the points – don’t keep a balance! I haven’t paid for a plane ticket in 3 years, though.)

    -Buying a house.

    -Getting licensed in my field.

    -Making sure my career was stable before pursuing hobbies and passions.

    In my early 20s I acted like I was in my late 30s with regard to finances. Now I’m in my early 30s and I’m acting like I’m in my early 20s….because I can afford to.

  13. I (27m) went out with a manipulative girl between the ages of 16-21 and was miserable for the last 2 years. I assumed I was just going to live an unhappy life forever so I didn’t upset her.

    I finally plucked up the courage to split up with her and met someone who is now my fiancé and best friend, we have a baby on the way and I could not be happier.

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