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What’s the best beard trimmer for thick beards?

Trying to find a good beard trimmer that glides through…! Not for stubble, just no longer than 1cm, keeping beard neat. Thanks!

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  1. Try to find ones that plug in. I actually use a set of Wahl hair clippers and then use a set of small [beard scissors]( for detail work.

    To preserve the sharpness of the cutting blades be sure to oil or [lubricate]( them before every use, clean them after every use, then oil them again. Store them in a dry place.

    Also be sure to wash your beard first then *mostly* dry it before tending to it.

  2. I like my Wahl Peanut. I’d say my beard is of average thickness and it works great. I buzz my head with it too, though that hair is way thinner.

    I’ve had terrible luck with cordless trimmers, they all seem to crap out after a year or so. The peanut is corded, and has lasted me about 6-7 years now. Plus i dont have to keep it charged so it doesnt take up my limited sink space.

  3. I always have to make several passes with my trimmer. I have tried several around $50. I think you will need a professional one to get smooth glide in one pass. You are probably looking at at least $ 250 or more.

  4. The One blade. I swear to fucking god it’s the best damn razor out there. My female friends even use it to shave their legs. I used to steal my ex boyfriends who was a pretty hairy guy and it never slows down, easy to clean and gets a skin tight shave.

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