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What’s the absolute best thing you’ve ever done for yourself ohhhually?

Whether an experience, something you did to enhance your ability, something you accepted in yourself, etc. What was the absolute best thing you have ever done for yourself ohhhually?

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  1. Definitely reading up on and learning how to give oral well. Being able to reliably make your partner cum before even starting intercourse just relieves so much pressure from sex, and makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable for both of us.

  2. Accepted that I’m not a sex god capable of making women instantly cum with my magical penis. That kind of mentality usually leads to the worst lovers(common in early 20s).Be humble with your partner, let them show you what they like, be willing to listen and learn. Paradoxically when you let go of your ego and accept your flaws you become a much better lover. More so than the physical(abs, stamina, penis size), I think you’ll find most women are most pleased when a guy is willing to listen.

  3. After you first slide into her, just stay still for a few seconds to enjoy her. Give her a kiss, squeeze her breasts, run your hands through her hair, whatever; just don’t move around inside her.

    Even if you don’t give her an orgasm, she will most likely want to have sex with you again simply because you made her feel like you were having sex with HER.

    The above, and developing a skincare routine.

  4. In my experience all the women I’ve been with go nuts when you slow way way way down while inside her and look into her eyes. And if you’ve got a gf or long term chick being open with what you like and don’t like goes a LONG way

  5. Well, not sexual per say, but, I went before to an all nude sauna,,, it was a mentally challenging for me to be naked infront lots of people. As a man,I was worried of how I look, how big or small, shower or grower, do I have an big belly, is this fat, is my big, should I shave? Trim? So many questions, and the thig is nobody cares just mind your own business and that’s it.
    It actually helped boos my confidence very much. We are all imperfect humans after all.

  6. Understanding that once a woman feels safe with you, she wants you to take her to that limit where she loses control. This takes time, maybe after 6 months of regular sex. It’s really hard to tell but for a woman to give you her body, more or less she’s giving you control, so give her an amazing experience.

  7. Prostate stuff. It’s really true that until you’ve checked it out, you don’t really know what you’re missing.

    It also made it so getting there and being satisfied didn’t mean being reliant on others.

    I’ve experienced Os so powerful I couldn’t put a number on how much stronger they were than the ol’ fashioned way.

    If anyone’s ever curious, you can use a tiny aneros toy about the size of your pinky, then do whatever you’d normally do like it’s not there. Your O will take you by surprise.

    Sorry if that’s too much info! I figure it’s Reddit.

    EDIT: wow, this would be the comment! I’ve never gotten an award before. Thank you much!

    A few have reached out trying to find the product – you’ll either wanna check out the aneros peridise, or the tempo. They’re the same shape, but the tempo is steel, and the peridise is a medical plastic that’s compatible with silicone lubricants.

    Lube – imo, go silicone. Sliquid silver is my preference. You’ll spend a lot less time worrying about re-applying. If you’re brand new, be generous.

    Education – aneros has extremely well done forums on products, techniques, hygiene, faqs, you name it.

    EDIT#2 : I’ve got a sales background in sex shops, and have since moved on and up into the cannabis industry. Since people are DMing me anyway, if anyone wants more info on these subjects, or recommendations on products, or want to learn about what the industries are like, I don’t mind. I am a stoner though, and may miss your message /space it.

  8. I grew out my hair. Like, Holy shit it changed everything. I’m a tall dude 6’4-6’5 and I have blonde hair. After the awkward phase once my hair could be tied back I literally quadrupled the attention I got from women and it significantly increased my sex life.

    My other friends saw this outcome and are growing their hair out too haha

  9. Finding a girl that’s willing to touch herself while we have sex. Most women that I’ve had sex with don’t touch themselves while having sex. It helps them get theirs so much better and faster.

    It’s also super hard for me to rub her clit while I’m hitting it full force.

  10. * Monster Energy isn’t only for helping me stay awake and play video games for long period of time, it also helps me stay hard and have the energy to thrust my hips longer. Even after the first ejaculation.
    * Come to accept that my size isn’t “small” and that my consumption of porn and hentai on the stigma of having a “small penis” have distorted my view of what’s “normal”. I’ve been able to sexually satisfy my partner(s) without feeling anxious any longer.
    * Make my partner feel like she’s being made love to, as time goes on, and my experiences grow, I realize that it is equally important to make sure the other person is enjoying it as much as I do. I playfully nibble her collar, her cheeks, her ears, her nose, her nips, her breast. Caressing her face, brushing her hair, kiss her arms and fingers. These little interactions during intercourse actually make it really enjoyable for both parties.

  11. Gentle restraints, a vibrator, and learned to eat pussy. Now when I actually put my dick in I’m not worried about cumming too fast, because they’ve already had a few orgasms. When you fuck a girl to make yourself cum, the vibe is totally different from looking away and counting to 100 pumps so you don’t cum too quick.

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