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What’s that one thing she did that instantly made you lose attraction?

What’s that one thing she did that instantly made you lose attraction?

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  1. Was talking to a girl from tinder.

    We agreed to swap pics via snap chat.

    I sent one first proving I am the person from Tinder.

    She then refused to send one….till tomorrow

    I said something along the lines of cmon now I’m all about equality it’s your turn now 🤷‍♂️

    She replied that we are not equals.

    After that I was like uuuhhh good luck and good bye.

  2. Haha She averaged about one complaint every two minutes for the first 15 minutes of being together at the restaurant for date number one.

    Suddenly, I had a deep understanding of her brief remark over the phone about sometimes being told she “can be abrasive”.

  3. stayed on her phone for a hour during the date to upload a story of her at the gym earlier that day. girl is a 10/10 and boom, 0/10 was SO turned off I stopped hitting her up after

  4. Let whatever occupation she had become her entire life. She let it affect her mood, her attentiveness, and she eventually just lost all care for our relationship. It was brutal, and I basically had tried and failed to keep it afloat only for her to dismiss me out of the blue for a job that was literally running her into the ground.

  5. When in music university I met this chick who was a 10/10. We went to dinner together and as soon as she started talking I lost all attraction. She talked about how all modern medicine is bullshit and all you need is love and a walk in nature to get cured by “energy”, she then proceeded to hold my hand, closed her eyes, and told me she is trying to feel my “energy”. She also sniffed my hair… I never went to dinner with her again, because she gave me real serial-killer vibes. A guy I know ended up dating her a few years later, and yep… she was all sorts of crazy, locked him up in his own appartement, beat him in public and cheated on him and blamed him for it.

  6. Made her tramp stamp visible. Maybe it’s an antiquated prejudice but I definitely can’t get over it. They know the implications and possible consequences when they decide to get it. So it’s at best a questionable decision.

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