What’s stopping you from asking your crush out?

What’s stopping you from asking your crush out?

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  1. Because every crush I’ve ever had did not feel the same when asked. Now I’m a 24 year old dude afraid to ask out any girl I’m even slightly interested in. It’s great.

  2. I like her, she likes me. But she said she is technically taken as shes waiting for someone to return from deployment. I say technically because thats what she said and also it sounds like they are having some issues. But im not about to be the guy to swoop in on someone while they other person is deployed. Im now just the emotional support friend.

  3. He’s still living with his parents. I used to work with his father, early in my career; and, I’m not even sure if the guy’s also bisexual. He’s a subordinate at my work; and, about the same age as my son (who passed away). Sooooo, do you blame me?

  4. She has a boyfriend but he seems a bit of a dick to her. Bosses her around, doesn’t help out financially or around the house. If she was single, I’d ask her out immediately.

  5. He asked me first. “What are you up to for New Year’s?”. I told him I was going to see the fireworks.

    And he said: “I’m free and if it’s not to soon for you I’m available this evening. I understand how intimate watching fireworks with someone who you are just meeting for the first time can be … so just let me know. We can always meet another time but you seem like a catch and I’d like to get to know you.”

    I found his message super considerate, we met and have been vibin’ since.

  6. She asked me out

    But for real. What actually stopped me was that she’s given no indication that let me know she liked me. There were times where I had this gut feeling that she did, but when she rejected my proposals to hang out (as friends) after school not once, but 3x. I just assumed she wasn’t feeling me. Then bam 2 years later she out of nowhere tells me she’s had the biggest crush on me…. ME! (The weird quiet guy that had no friends) and that she wanted to make something happen once she got back in state. She also tells me that she doesn’t even remember outright rejecting just a friendly hangout after school.

  7. A couple years back i used to have a crush on a “good friend” of mine. she rejected me and started dating this other “good friend” of mine. That “good friend” thought itd be funny to force her to falsely accuse me of sexual harrassment and stalking. Lost most of my friends because of it, was nearly kicked off school, even my own fucking parents didnt believe i was innocent.

    I’m just really scared of having to go through anything like that again and whenever i have a crush on anyone i just try to hide it.

  8. Anxiety, Haven’t been giving me any indicators she’s interested. Been Rejected or Ghosted by every girl i asked out or got the number from as soon as i say, It’s So and so. I never get an answer back.

  9. 19yo here. Never asked anyone out. Insecurities, fear of crossing that point of no return, why would she like me? I’ve noticed signals, but were those real? Is it too late? What would others think?

    I know, I shouldn’t worry about that stuff, it’s unhealthy. Trying hard not to. Luckily in other aspects of life, I think I am quite confident, it’s just dating that gets on my nerves. I think I’m getting better, though.

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