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What’s something you had completely wrong about female anatomy while you were growing up? How did you find out you were wrong?

When I was ~11yo my sister was pregnant with her third child, I asked “do they cut open the same spot every time you have a baby or do they make a new hole? And how come I never see stitches on your stomach”

Everybody enjoyed the laughed before my mom and sister gave me a detailed explanation of how babies are born… Blew my young mind.

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  1. I didn’t realize what the vagina was, I just thought women had nothing down there. That and when I was really young I thought women got pregnant from kissing. It made sense to me at that age, I saw adults kissing and some time later they announced a baby.

  2. My elementary school taught that girls had one more rib, or rather that guys had one less. Just kind of realized one day in my early 20s that it was wildly wrong, and now I look for little things that I had just blindly accepted as fact and never gone back to re-examine.

  3. I thought period lasts a single day. I learned it does not like a few years ago. To my defense, I dont remember having much about it in school (neither I paid a lot of attention…) And all the women I lived with were very secretive about it.

  4. I thought that breast milk was secreted from a specific hole in each nipple. It made sense, why wouldn’t it be otherwise, right? wrong. I found out that milk comes out of various holes on each nipple. I found out because of Reddit btw (not long ago)

  5. My mom told me at a young age that girls have eyes behind their back head covered by their hair but can still see

    Granted i think that lasted from like age 4-6 maybe.
    Easy way to not do anything stupid i guess lol

  6. There was a period when I was a kid where I didn’t know vulvas were a thing. I thought it was just a hole, like a belly button that just keeps going in or something.

    Weird ideas happen when you ask about the mechanics of babies and sex as a little kid but nobody fetches a diagram or anything lol.

  7. I thought to have sex you can just put your dick anywhere down there . Like , I thought a vagina was a sponge or something . Just kinda aim and it just slips in wherever .

    I mean , fuck , I was 12 and never even saw one before

  8. I had no idea that there was an opening (vagina) in the vulva, other than the urethra; and, didn’t find out **the** ***how*** **of sex** could make a baby until i was 10. I started asking pointed questions when I was 6yo, and i knew enough to recognize i was being ‘snowed’.

  9. Im 35 and I’m still not 100% sure where the pee comes from. I know it’s separate holes and stuff. But I’ve been face to face with plenty of vagine. And I’m still not convinced

  10. I thought girls had testicles contained in the labia… Like the penis was just missing but the rest was there. Needless to say I hadn’t gotten a very clear look at any vulvas before then.

  11. A guy I knew thought women peed from their vaginas, not the urethra that is a tiny tiny hole on the vulva.

    -Oh one didnt know the difference between a vulva (the outside part) and the vagina (the inside canal that leads to the uterus)

    -Another thought we could stop and start a period like peeing XD Sex ed AND biology gone wrong…

  12. I did not know girls had a vagina. Nobody fucking told me. I thought it was like a barbie doll down there. Never got the sex talk either. Learned about vaginas through porn. Not the best medium.

    Parents reading this, please give your kids the talk. It saves a lot of awkwardness

  13. Okay, I know this is for men but I have 2 things to add.

    1- I thought when I grew boobs I could control them and guys were so obsessed with them because I could hug them with my super extendable and controllable boobs.

    2- I had a little boyfriend in first or second grade and he thought sex was just sticking it in and peeing! He did this too! He was my age and I was just as curious as he. I have never had the urge to pee so bad in my life and have never had that feeling again.

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