What’s something you can brag about that happened to you recently?

Don’t really have anyone else to tell that would appreciate my excitement for this and I would imagine I’m not alone. Tomorrow when I get paid will be the first time in 2 years I’ll have over $1000 dollars in my bank account on payday. It doesn’t seem like a lot to most but there were weeks when I was scared I wouldn’t be able to afford gas to make it to school, work, and then be able to eat the same day. It feels so good to have a slight monetary cushion and see hard work pay off.

What’s something good that happened to you in the past week?

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  1. It’s taken me my whole life to finally get a good haircut. Got a new haircut a couple days ago and it’s the first time I’ve ever actually been happy with it.

    And of course this happens during quarantine where no one is gonna see it.

  2. Yesterday my coworker told me that he has been hearing very positive feedback about me from others in the company. it’s my first career job and I’ve been in it for a year beginning as a trainee so that felt great to hear

  3. I have only ever worked minimum wage jobs, never take vacations, and only ask for time off when I’m sick.

    I’m 25 and have ~$60,000 saved at the moment

  4. For the first time in like a year I took a 4 mile walk yesterday and a 3 mile walk today, after work. It sucks and I’m sore, but I’m overweight and terrified of being old and fat at the same time. Hoping I can keep it up.

  5. My boyfriend and I are making good passive income off of something we like to do together in our off time! It funds our vacations and week-to-week groceries

  6. Saw a cool video, and had a panic attack. Then I calmed down. Attacked by pitbull months ago, but I’m perfectly fine. I always thought the cw DC live action shows were trash, and after an hour of looking at reviews and watching a couple yt videos, I can conclusively say I was right; they’re all hot garbage and I am not missing out on anything of quality.

  7. Got a salary market adjustment at work that put me into a 6 figure salary with a lot of additional stock. Basically doubled my savings over night and gave me an excellent cushion of additional cash.

  8. Mines somewhat similar, as of 2 days ago I officially have $2k in a savings account. I’ve been pretty terrible with money most of my working life and making the decision to open an account 6 months ago is one of the best I’ve made.

  9. I’m about to turn 41. I don’t have formal diving experience, but I’m kind of an adrenaline junky. Today I did a giant gainer-stall flip (front facing back flip with a sweet hands-on-the-head feature in the middle) off a 40 ft bridge to water in front of maybe 30 people and they all cheered. Felt pretty fucking cool.

  10. I’m at the moment as a foreman trainee in construction site and I’m also a first year student. An older worker thought I had graduated already few years ago ( referring to my knowledge of construction ). I was flattered.

  11. I just found out that I’ve been paying for renters insurance on a property I sold 3 years ago 😵 lol. So I called my bank and explained. It only took me about 10 minutes 💨 so yeah I’m feeling pretty good right now. 🐻❤️🐱🙀😼😻 and my beautiful wife and kitty family my hearts

  12. I completed what I think was one of the most difficult ship kits to put together and Ive built over 20 ships of different sizes. I was extremely happy when I finished this build, The bad thing is there is a sister ship that needs to be built lol.

  13. I put together a 14 ft swimming pool, leveling 3.5 tons of sand in the process. I built a few privacy fences around the backyard using panels and fence posts with concrete. I had to remove a giant tree before all this began. I dug, alot. I had to twist the tree around and clip off the roots, it was so muddy. Then I leveled the ground and dug holes for the fence posts. I poured concrete into these holes. The posts set rather quickly, then I screwed the panels to the posts. I had to use a leveler to make sure it wasn’t crooked with the ground. Once that was done, I hauled railroad ties to the perimeter of where the pool was going to be. Then, I dumped sand onto the area, i had to make 7 trips to the concrete business because my truck can only carry half a ton at a time. I put down a tarp in the truck and weighed it down with 2 shower curtain rods, a Gandolf staff, and 2 extra bookshelfs. This way, after shoveling most of the sand out of the truck, I can pull the rest with the tarp directly where it needs to go at the end of the truck. Last time I got sand though, the ground was still soft from a very heavy rain, my truck would get stuck if I drove in the backyard. So, i used a wheelbarrow and shoveled the last half ton from the truck and hauled it to the spot. Turns out it took eight trips, it was pretty heavy, but as soon as I got to the back, I could just dump it. I leveled with my feet, a long 2×4, and a leveler. It killed my back and made me dizzy after a few hours. Now for the pool, I put it together, spread it out, took out the wrinkles as best as I could and filled it with water. Monitered its progress, making small adjustments along the way while putting together the ladder. I hooked up the filter, let it fill up, then set 5 tiki torches around the pool. I’m pretty proud of it. I’ve never tackled a project like this before, I learned a great deal about building and landscaping. I also got to use a bunch of tools, it made me feel like a man.

  14. My roommate said the other day that my cooking is getting better! He says the smell and even the look of the food is better than it was. I’m losing weight on top of that, and all I have to do is make tasty food that I enjoy eating from scratch!

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