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What’s one thing you’ve recently done that makes you proud of yourself?

What’s one thing you’ve recently done that makes you proud of yourself?

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  1. This morning I analyzed a complex process at work and found the root cause of recurring fuck-ups, then wrote a detailed report on it and sent it to everybody. The others had been fishing for ideas for two weeks and I found it that quickly with a different, more technical approach.

  2. Broke off a relationship that had turned toxic. It was sad but we just weren’t good for each other anymore, too much had happened and we lacked the ability to move past it together. I miss her deeply as a friend but I am proud of myself for doing what’s best.

  3. I self published the little scifi book I started writing during uni. I’m really happy to just have it out the door so I can talk to people about it without looking like one of those failed actor types.

    Turns out having 1000 hours of sunk cost in something really drives you to finish it.

  4. Approached women at busy bars. I’m 32 and I’ve never done it. My previous relationships were all from tinder so it felt easier but recently I’ve learned that tinder is a hell hole for average guys so I decided to go out and actually TRY to talk to women.

    It was successful. I approached one and talked a bit. Didn’t get her number but we had a pleasant talk. A week after I went back and talked to another one and got her number.

    Lately ive had such a confidence boost by hitting the gym again and by just being friendly and happier. I try to talk to everyone now and I’m getting so many conversations going. I’m still not the best but I’m starting and I think I’m doing great. Small steps really help.

  5. In high school and college, I got crappy grades simply because I didn’t apply myself. I recently finished grad school with a Master’s Degree in Education with a 3.94 GPA. My worst grade over 2.5 years was an A-.

    I purposely entered a rigorous, in person program rather than an online one to push myself. It was rough couple years but I got through it and kicked ass. My teaching salary then doubled and now I can get hired anywhere.

  6. I’ve done 6 weeks of crossfit consistently, I’ve also ate healthy as fuck for 6 weeks. I haven’t smoked weed in 2 months, paid off 8 credit cards, in the proccess of fixing my teeth, and made an appointment for to see a therapist and doctor. I’m crushing my goals.

  7. I quit smoking weed. The reason I’m proud is because I was using it to hide from my personal problems. Now I feel strong enough to face the world, but more importantly myself.

  8. Starting a job in my field which is the first one I’m actually getting that will help my career goals. Doing a lot better in my classes and furthering myself by doing research opportunities with my professors. Very big difference from before and very happy about my progress even though I’m still in the beginning of said progress.

  9. I got a new job after years of trying on and off. My last job left me depressed and miserable due to so much stress and not being valued as an employee hopefully this new one doesn’t have me feeling that way!

  10. I cut my own hair, as all the barbers are closed due to lockdowns.

    Abject terror turned into pride when I realised it actually looked half decent.

    In saying that, I won’t be rushing to do it again!

  11. 1. I’m starting my new job today. I’m a mixture of emotions but it’s a job I’ve wanted for years.

    2. Still working out even though I can’t afford my favorite gym anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep going by October but I’ve had to slow way down since August.

  12. Doctors were telling me I was destroying my health with my excessive drinking and to quit. I stopped then and there and am currently on day 792 without a single drop

  13. I put new trash bag in my Can instead of saying ,,Ill do it tomorrow”.
    Also, Im going to buy my meds now instead of baking and telling myself ,,its cool, u gonna buy them tomorrow”
    Basically everything that Im doing now makes me proud of myself

  14. I’ve been trying to unpack all of my trauma and mental health issues. It’s been extremely difficult, but I feel like I’m making progress towards becoming a better person.

  15. I quit alcohol and World of Warcraft as a new year resolution, and I keep clean!

    Lost 25 kgs (55lbs) since December. Currently on the gym regaining all that muscles lost on the process!

    I believe on body recomposition as a nooby lifter (20%BF), I hope it works.

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