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Whats one thing thats happened with a woman that makes you just go “nope”

Whats one thing thats happened with a woman that makes you just go “nope”

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  1. Crying on our second or third date because she ended up hooking up with her ex. She claimed he “manipulated” her into sleeping with him. This was after she told me how much of a manipulative prick he was and she didn’t want anything to do with him. She couldn’t answer exactly how she was manipulated either.

  2. A hairdresser I was dating took me back to her place to watch a movie. I asked to use the restroom.

    She trained her dog to shit and piss in the shower stall. The tiles were stained and little bits of dried crusted poo were shoved in the corner of the stall. And bathroom smelled horrid.

    I thought “ok. Gross but I guess she showers in her en suite bathroom”

    She did not have another shower in her home. When she got up to clean up after we slept together she rinsed off in the same shower her dog shits in.

    I did not call her back.

  3. Unwrapped (possibly used condom) fell out of her skirt as she was walking away to use the ladies room. Left the coffee shop immediately. NC. Never even looked back.

  4. Very intense emotions and instability. Dizzying highs, abysmal lows, often within hours of each other. I cannot deal with women who are clapping along to a song at 1pm and then weeping at 2.30pm because they found out swans can be gay then giving me a surprise blowjob at 5pm only to have an anxiety attack at 7pm when her annoying cat vomits on the floor.

    Hard nope.

  5. Laughed at a low functioning autistic toddler having a meltdown and said that god gave us people like them to brighten our day. She said this while laughing and it seemed as if she saw this little child’s struggles as some hilarious joke.

  6. A girl I wasn’t even dating stalked me for over a year while also oversharing about the men she has manipulated and slept with. To this day, I still don’t know what her game plan was.

  7. She had some heavy dom tendencies, which I enjoyed sometimes, but not always. One day we were in bed and out of nowhere she just full on smacked me in the face. She was small enough that my reaction was to just pick her up and put her on the other side of the bed lol

  8. Took this girl out on a date once. I planned a pretty chill but I thought fun evening. Hit up some mini-golf, walked around the boardwalk, did some go-kart racing, and grabbed some walk-and-go dinner. Now, I budgeted enough for all of these things because I asked her out. What got to me was everytime we got to the paypoint of any of these things, she’d just look at me expectantly. Wouldn’t offer to even cover the cost of ball rental. It just turned me off it a bit.
    What if we went on a second or third date and I just had to keep paying for everything? I was a college kid and made barely enough cash to buy myself lunch everyday.
    Plus, she lived like 30 minutes outside of town and didn’t have a car. Petrol is expensive. Fuck that.

  9. My ex-fiancee. We had plans on a Saturday. I got called in to work for an emergency. She’s pissed, but I go to get ready. When I’m about to leave, I look for her to say goodbye.

    I find her curled up on the unfinished basement floor, rocking back and forth. Tears streaming down her face. She looks me dead in the eye, piercing into my soul, and says, “You’ll regret this when I’m gone.”


  10. Was flirting with a barista at my local coffee shop for a while beforehand. It was Valentines day, and when I paid for my coffee, she held on to my hand asking me to ask her out because it’s Valentines day and she doesn’t have a date. Her co-workers also then chimed and was trying to convince me to take her out on a date. It was really awkward.

    Like if she had mentioned it to me quietly without causing such a scene, I probably would have asked her out or done it. But yea…

  11. First date the girl told me about how easy it is to get a guy to have sex without a condom and how she slept with like 4 other people that week before asking me to get her pregnant because a baby would fix all of her problems. She lived in the dirtiest house I have ever been in and her mom came running out of her room yelling at her for bringing all these random guys home to fuck them when I dropped her off.

  12. One time I was going out with this chick for a few weeks (wasn’t serious) and we were sitting in a cafe just talking and I casually mentioned that I was considering getting a dog, and she went “Well, as long as we’re together it’s gonna be OUR dog.” Needles to say I noped the fuck out a few days later.

  13. I met a girl leaving a bar when I was on a bachelor party and we were staying at the same hotel. In the 5 minute walk back, she told me she had condoms in her room and I was welcome to come try one or two of those out. She was hot so I of course told her I’d love to. She kissed me in the elevator and she tasted funny. I’m not sure what she had for dinner, but I made an excuse and went back to my room instead. The next day I regretted not asking her to just brush her teeth because what did I have to lose 🤷‍♂️?

  14. a lot but lets start with this one;

    While i was in high school, this (clearly too young) girl is so smitten to me (because i happened to be very nice and sweet toward any person i meet), she giggles a lot (like almost edging to Witch’s Laugh Level) whenever i ask something or smile. She -visibly- get upset if i talk to other girls or hang out with them. She clearly do not enjoy that. What makes it worse is that she will actively look out for me, and then watch me from a distance (be it in cafeteria for a example)
    The last straw was when she threw a tantrum after i declined her request to go out with me for the prom. (due of that, i was forced to go out with her but i noped out on her and she couldn’t find me all night)

    not to mention she K.O.ed a very sweet boy i’m pretty friendly with on the last few weeks of school before summer starts, literally knocked him out in middle of hall. I snapped out on her, yelled at her and then picked the dude up to carry him over to Secretary’s office for assistance. (She actually gave me a GLARE for this before being whisked away by two burly female staffs and that was the last time i saw her)

  15. With my college girlfriend — we were both virgins at the time — we’d been cuddling on the bed and then we started fooling around in her dorm room and she asks if I’m ready to go all the way, I ask if she’s sure and she says yes. So I agree… she then gets out of bed and goes to her computer and starts typing. So I ask what she’s doing and she says she has to do some research because she had missed a few days of her birth control pill. I asked how long, and she said she couldn’t remember but hadn’t taken it in over a week at least.

    I just LOL’d and said don’t bother looking anything up, we’re not having sex that night then (neither of us had condoms because we weren’t sexually active yet and prior to this she’d been a vocal “no sex until marriage” type). I just said “nope”, rolled over and fell asleep.

  16. First time in her dorm room I see a used ClearBlue box in her trash while she stepped out. I put on the brakes from pursuing anything beyond friendship, I was 19 and a little spooked. She introduced me to my favorite book though, so no regrets here.

  17. I was sleeping with a woman who had a boyfriend (I know) and in the middle of sex she yells “I FUCKED HIM YESTERDAY!” To this day I cant figure out the motivation behind that. Maybe she got off on that? Idk.

  18. I have a couple, but the general theme is they are extremely clingy even after you report them to authorities, call the police on them and lodge an fir, get a restraining order. Another theme I have noticed is that they are delusional or think you are gullible and the focus is on you, what you are doing, what cereal you like. All of these women start off by giving you bitchy attitudes and the next thing you know they are clinging on to you and trying to drive people away from you, etc.

  19. I dated this girl from America, long distance, on and off. Got back in touch and became close friends, eventually decided that we wanted to try again. When she was supposed to visit me here in the UK she admitted to me she’d gotten with this other guy but wondered if I still wanted her to come and if I’d still want to date her if she was already with someone else.

    The answer was obviously a no. I was offended she’d ever think I’d want to share her, disgusted with the person she’d become, and upset that she didn’t know me well enough after so many years to know that I would never be into that. Killed my affection for her dead.

    She and I got back in touch briefly and I was terrified of being tempted back in but I’m glad we did because it made me realise I don’t actually want her and opened up the possibility to move on and meet new women. It’s like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

  20. I naturally curse a hell of a lot, and she just wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t filter myself because that’s just something I don’t do. It turns out she was a devout Christian (which I have no problems with, but I can’t see myself really dating a religious person)

  21. I was really into this woman I met through a friend and the day was going well and we were going to meet up with her friend to go to the bar. Then she started yelling at her over the phone because a family thing came up and she couldn’t make it. Think I just didnt want to be on that end especially after getting out of something similar

  22. Went on a first date and this girl told me SHE cheated on her two previous exs. She then had the audacity to tell our mutual friend my vibe was off and she did not feel anything for me anymore. How can anybody be cool with somebody after hearing something like that on the first date????

    I had this other lady who told me she does not believe in time frames: past, present, future. She then proceeded to tell me about her plans after college??? She also told me she is not the same person as she was yesterday and she is a multidimensional being.

    Tbh my view on women was severely flawed for a while but thanks to quarantine I am calming down. Gonna have trust issues tho but I’m still optimistic lmao

  23. Cool! We are all composites on here anyway. Can’t take stuff too literal, right? But you summed it up so nicely, I totally saw myself in extreme horrific crisis mode by reading that. And Mel Gibson of course, he is my brother from another mother. Haha. Oh well. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. But I can tell you one thing: the people I have raged against in the past, they really truly deserved it, it’s the god honest truth, so no regrets here. Funny, how this convo became actually kind of serious! I know if happens a lot the other way around, so this is very refreshing.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Dating one of my friends from high school. We had had a crush on each other but where dating separate people at the time. Then one day few years later out of the blue she messages me on Facebook. We talk about what has been going on then she goes the the bathroom. I check her Facebook profile and see her on the alter with her husband. They had just gotten married a week ago.

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