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What’s it like to be straight and be hit on by gay guys?

For example, do you take it as a compliment, get freaked out, or just are ambivalent towards it. What’s it like in your shoes?

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  1. I’m indifferent, just politely reject them.

    However it makes me feel kinda disappointed, I wish they were female lmao, and I’m not even 100% straight, just very picky when it comes to men.

    One time I set my tinder settings to see both men and women and brooo, I got more than a hundred likes in one day, it’s like male attention is cheap.

  2. Anybody hitting on me, flirting with me or complimenting me is flattering no matter what gender. I appreciate it. Thank you.

    I have had a few instances with individuals who were a little bit too aggressive and it led to a physical confrontation between myself and individual. That’s not pleasant.

  3. The first time it happened to me I was pissed about it. I had a conversation with a gay friend of mine and he put it in perspective for. The gay fella who hits on you thinks you’re attractive enough to either hook up with or invest time in to pursue a relationship. He said that the nice thing to do is just say you’re flattered but you don’t play for that team. He said it was no different than me walking up to a girl and hitting on her. After that it made me feel good like any compliment would. I actually met the best fishing buddy I’ve ever had that way. He’s into bears, which I 100% am, and I had a Simms hat on. They’re a major fly fishing outfitter and he’s a fly fishing fanatic. We hit it off as friends after I “friend zoned” him if you want to call it that.

  4. i worked in a gay bar as a bouncer for a few months, got hit on a bit, some where cool when i told them i was straight, some where a little more aggressive, and some where annoyingly persistent and touchy. definitely got a feel for what Girls deal with regularly

  5. I find it flattering. Why would I freak out if someone is attracted to me and wants to shoot their shot? As long as they’re not inappropriate. But that also goes for women too. There’s no need to be inappropriate in general.

  6. For me it is sweet and a compliment and just a tiny bit awkward because it’s always awkward to turn someone down, but 95% of people are straight so “Sorry but I’m straight” is a pretty believable statement so it’s not that awkward. I guess it would suck if the person was pushy or didn’t take no for an answer, but I’ve never experienced that from a gay man.

    I don’t think I give off a huge gay vibe, but I give off a “I’m not gonna punch you for asking” vibe, so I have had my share of gay fellas hit on me over the years, but not tons. I’ve only gotten polite gestures. I guess if I was offended that someone paid attention to me and then that attention dried up once they found out I’m not gonna touch their peepee, I’d have more offense stories, but I don’t see it that way.

    To me, I recognize that being a gay man and approaching someone is even more difficult than approaching a woman, and that’s hard enough as it is, so I’m gonna be as nice about it as I can be without leading the person on.

  7. It’s no different than being hit on by women. Though I have yet to meet a guy I’d take up on such an offer, it’s usually never offensive for someone to tell you they find you attractive.

    Of course, just as with women, context matters. Getting hit on inappropriately is bad no matter who it comes from.

  8. I would be flattered to hell and back. One dude was interested in me and asked via a friend proxy if I was gay and willing to go out with him because he thought I looked cute in one photo said friend proxy posted on social media. I’m not into guys, so I did turn him down, but 3 years later I’m still flattered as fuck knowing someone thought I was cute enough to ask out, no matter the gender

  9. If they take no as an answer, its not a big deal. Some for whatever reason don’t take no as an answer and it can get unpleasant fairly quickly.

    Nothing like having to explain you are straight multiple times and having someone refuse to take that as an answer and tell you that having sex with a man doesn’t make you gay. Lol, why are you still bothering at that point does that line honestly ever work on anyone?

  10. I’m indifferent to it. As long as they’re not pushy and remain respectful about it, it “feels” about the same as a woman I’m not interested in doing it.

  11. I’ve only been hit on by gay men on the internet so maybe my real life reaction would be different but I was just flattered by the attention I was getting even though I had no desire to pursue anything.

  12. It feels good. Who doesn’t like it when someone thinks they’re hot? We don’t get enough compliments… I’ll take it where I can get it!

    If they don’t accept the no, then it gets different and I’d really put my foot down.

  13. I have been in situations where I’ve felt sorry for them when turning them down and I’ve had times where I’ve almost knocked them out for getting weird and aggressive with me. It’s all over the place. If *you’re* inoffensive, it’s inoffensive. But as a straight man I never want it.

  14. Eh, doesn’t bother me unless it persists and he knows I don’t swing that way. But mostly it makes me wish women would see me/treat me that way and I get a little depressed.

  15. It’s cool if they’re respectful. I had the whole gamut in one day: catcalling, very touchy that stopped when I stopped putting the signs out there, and then really inappropriate (“you’re making me perky” as they had balloons in their shirt). I felt pretty and pretty violated at the same time

  16. Its the only compliments i get. Not going to bitch about it. I just let them down politely if they don’t get the hint then im not so laidback and nice about it all!

  17. Definitely a huge compliment, almost tops when straight guys are vocal about being jealous of your looks, but not there yet. I literally had an iconic gay man, James Charles, hit on me and that was probably the craziest ego boost of all.

  18. It hasn’t happened in awhile but, I believe that I am attractive to gay guys. I got a job because the interview guys thought I was hot. Also, I have had drinks bought for me, etc. I don’t mind and take it all as a compliment. All the guys have been polite. They have not been overly sexual until we knew each other and could joke around about it.

  19. Oh, man. Do I have some experience of this…

    I seem to be ‘the guy gay guys flirt with’ on every night out. Mostly it’s fine, just a quick ‘Thank you but I’m straight’, laugh together and move on kinda thing. Sometimes it’s more awkward, for example this one time I turned a guy down and he proceeded to tell me in detail what he wanted to do with my dick anyways. For like a full minute or two, talking bout me choking him and all kinda shit. It was doubly awkward because there were three other people sat at the table with us, one of whom was a chick I’d much rather have heard those words from haha.

    I also went to Uni in our sorta unofficial gay capital and had many LGBTQ friends. So I went to a lot of gay club nights. Mostly harmless flirting ensued and I did kiss a dude once to see what it was like (meh). But one time on Halloween a guy came up behind me in the club, grabbed me and licked my cheek like a fucking cartoon rapist. I shoved him onto the floor and told him to fuck off. Luckily didn’t get kicked out for that tbh since we were right in view of the bar staff. I’d never even seen the guy before and he was fucking groping me and licking my face. Not a cool experience.

    But those were two exceptions to a trend that’s otherwise just equal parts flattering and frustrating. Flattering because hey, at least somebody finds you attractive. Frustrating because it’s members of a gender you can’t reciprocate those feelings towards.

  20. The closest I’ve ever come to being hit on by a gay guy, was at 4am walking home from town, and this guy pulls up in his car and asks me: “If I give you some weed, will you let me suck your toes”. I had to decline, but man was it a strange request.

  21. Depends really. Usually it would be a compliment. I would decline politely.

    Late at night, if someone just searches for an ons to not go home alone I’d be less flattered. Feels a little like picking leftovers. Still decline politely though. 🙂

  22. Depends, sometimes it can be creepy by saying they can “turn” me. Sometimes it can be a compliment that I look hot and I’ll just say thanks but I’m straight because I suck at social interactions

  23. I usuay thank them if they do it through a compliment. If it gets more active on their part I just tell them off. I have been hit on by guys more than women in my life. 😀 I can appreciate a good looking men and I take it sort of as an compliment from their end that they find me attractive.

  24. It would honestly depend on whether they wanted me to be top or bottom. If top I will be flattered but give them a thanks but no thanks. If bottom I will be highly offended and will be prepared to fight till death if they push me.

  25. I find that it really depends how attractive (at face value) the other person is. I’m not attracted to any guys, but if he looks good, it’s more flattering than if he is 500 lbs. Same rule goes for women.

  26. It makes me feel really uncomfortable, but to be honest, most times when I’m hit on by girls it makes me uncomfortable too, so I hope the gays guys don’t take offense.

  27. I find it a compliment/flattering when a gay guy hits on me. If they’re too pushy with it I tell them that even if I was so inclined, the fact that they’re pressing the issue means they wouldn’t have a shot anyways.

  28. I don’t much like it but still basically ambivalent. Sensing sexual tension from a man is an odd sensation though.

    Although I have had two men get very pushy. I don’t know why they thought that would make a difference.

    “Oh alright, your aggressive insistence has won me over. Let’s get our dicks out.”

    Nope. It doesn’t work that way.

  29. Politely decline.
    Feel a bit flattered.
    Wish that women had the balls to proposition you instead of spending three months hinting at you then getting frustrated and sleeping with your best friend.

  30. It really depends on. I was hit on by gay guys who were really polite and accepted that I turned them down and I was hit on by gay guys who were kinda rude after I turned them down. One that sticks out was this guy who followed me around repeatedly asked me for coffee. I told him a thousand times no. A real fucking creep!

  31. Im actually feel graceful.

    Its quite real the fact that we man, dont get the “romantic” part of life, lets face it. It is HARD for us man to get some compliments, fisical, hair, whatever

    So i kinda embrace it.

    But obviously i explain myself, and close the door on it. Cause i good to be “straight” about other people interest i guess

    -gets a compliment

    -gracefully accepts it

    -usually gives a compliment back

    -then tell em.

    Sometimes there is some guys that find offensive the simple fact that you’re straight. But about that… you just leave it

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