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What’s an inexpensive, easy, fun hobby that I can easily get in to?

30/M in NYC

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  1. Pick something practical, wholesome and rewarding. Join the dogooders club – enlist in National Guard.

    And you’ll get plenty of benefits:

    – they will train you, physical, vocational, firearms

    – you actually get paid.

    – pay for school, if you have a degree apply for officer candidate school

    – if you sweat it out – you’ll get pension

  2. How much money are you looking into? Are you into fitness or more handiwork, or more of an outdoor guy.

    Maybe an instrument, a lot of the starter instruments are fairly cheap and theres plenty of tutorials on youtube.

  3. Knife throwing, crocheting, drawing/painting/art, wood carving…

    – pocket and some kitchen knives are fairly cheap. Max: $10

    – I currently learned to crochet. Yarn and a hook are max: $3-$10

    – sketchpad + mechanical/ wooden pencils are about a max of: $4-$13

    – children’s finger paint or store brand acrylic paint is only about $3-$7 + simple $2-$4 brushes.

    – lumber can be fair priced, or you can scope the town/city you’re in for unused wooden pallets. I’ve gotten carving tools for under $10 myself.

  4. Drawing is cheap. spend 10-20 dollars on some actual drawing pencils and a notebook, and they last a long time.

    Inexpensive until you decide you love buying new art stuff. I can buy pencils like I draw 10 hours a day, so I have a lot of backups right now.

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