what’s a stigma against men that actually isn’t true?

what’s a stigma against men that actually isn’t true?

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  1. That we’re not emotional. If that were so, I doubt we’d be finding so many ways to numb out the feelings.

    And that we are only showing interest in women for sex. We are completely capable of being attracted to someone while getting to know them and still have no intentions other than friendship.

  2. That men only want sex from women.

    So many guys want so many different things it’s a stupid 90s stereotype that is thankfully seeming to die.

    Most men like personality, and discussion and humour and good company in women. Some men like women as friends only. Some men like other men. Some men are interested in using women for other things. Some men are cheaters and liars and sexist, some men are virtuous and respectful and kind hearted. Some are in between.

    We are literally all so, so different. Same applies to women.

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