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What’s a guys equivalent to “drunk girls complimenting each other in the bathroom”

What’s a guys equivalent to “drunk girls complimenting each other in the bathroom”

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  1. Drunk guys laughing with each other in the bathroom. Total strangers usually. You are in the club , you go to pee and somehow you are having a random conversation with the guy next to you like he is your friend.

  2. A drunken ayyyyyyyyyy

    In the before times i got into the habit of complimenting other dudes at clubs if i could think of something genuine often i would see them get hype and it made me happy

  3. I’ve swapped t shirts with guys in the bathroom because we both preferred the other ones. Normally we’d see each other again later in the bathroom and swap back. Complete randoms

  4. Last night I was at a football game (AFL) and I went to the bathrooms during the last quarter and did one of the biggest farts when I was doing a piss. About 20 of the boys there erupted with cheers and laughter high-fiving me on my way out, that felt pretty good man

  5. Highfiving a guy you don’t know when he kissed a beautiful girl at the bar or managed not to vomit on his shoes/Is still standing up despite his obvious alcohol level in blood.

  6. Probably giving each other real and emotional hugs because for a moment we find ourselves too drunk to perceive the judgemental world around us. For a moment, a drunk man can embrace emotions in a socially acceptable way. Too bad we have to be drunk for it but it does heighten the experience.

  7. Drunk guys pulling each other close by the back of the neck, jabbing a finger & aggressively bellowing “I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN” in each other’s faces, with lots of manly back thumping

  8. Owning a really nice motorcycle. A lot of guys think a nice bike will grab the attention of all the ladies, but in reality it’ll be mostly dudes eyeballing and complementing.

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