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whats a good job for a male college student who never wants to look at a retail job?

whats a good job for a male college student who never wants to look at a retail job?

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  1. In college I worked as a monitor technician at the local hospital. It was monitoring heart activity of patients. They trained me and I got to work per diem. It was perfect

  2. Your college may have some student worker stuff open, there are tons of odd jobs around a campus. I helped out in an agriculture lab and worked at a radio station on campus for example. Those tend to be a bit hard to come by but they’re good at working around school schedules.

    If you just need unskilled labor to grab a check while you work on school, you might look at retail places but a back end position. Example: Unloading trucks will take most of the need to work out of your plate, have night hours outside classes and won’t be customer facing which is where all the actual horror stories in retail and restaurant work come from. Few other things like that, warehouse work and such. Gig work like uber eats is around.

  3. You could do tutoring if you’re good in your subject. I saw you were in poli sci so you could always volunteer for your political party/candidate of choice. That’d help your career prospects in the future, and you’re giving your time to a good cause vs a company. Some colleges might pay people to mark papers.

    Part time retail or food service are most people’s first job, you’re going to have a hard time avoiding it unless you have connections.

  4. Lab tech if your in the sciences. Otherwise overnight stocking. Not sure about other places but when I did it at target years ago I made $1-2 extra for going to nights.

  5. Work at Walmart and you’ll never want to work a retail job. That is what forced me back to college. LOL

    How about transporting lab samples? The medical, oil, industrial industries all need that.

  6. Warehouse or manual handing is good if you are fit. It’s demanding physically but you won’t have to deal with annoying Karen’s who think they are entitled to a refund even if they have already used the product

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