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What would you like to do if you had to choose between family business or Job ?

So I am having some second thoughts about our family business, it’s too much work for me. There is no off days. I need free time for myself. What’s your advice?

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  1. Couldn’t care less about a family business to be entirely honest. Especially if the other venture is better money. But I suppose I’m not not loved either so. I guess that’s something to consider.

  2. Its your life and you get to choose how to live it.

    The family business was likely the dream of your parents, or their parents. It’s not your dream.

    But it’s important to have a good discussion with your parents about it. Tell them that you appreciate all the work they’ve done and the position they’ve given you. But that you want to find something that excites you and inspires you. Tell them to find someone who has passion for their business as that’s going to be the best person to continue the legacy of the family. Not someone who is uninterested.

  3. It’s like your retirement money, you don’t want it all invested in the same company that pays you. It just doubles your losses if something goes wrong with the company.

    Similarly, I don’t want my job, my family, my coworkers, and my social interactions to all be one and the same. If I’m ticked at my brother, that’s one thing. But I wouldn’t want to go to work and see him there, do an 8 hour shift next to him and have him signing my paychecks.

  4. For me? Job. I personally need that sharp disconnect between my job and my life.

    As far as the family business goes, i dont know the nature of the work, but is it something you could hire a part timer for?

  5. When it comes to a family business I always ask if they have read [Cashflow Quadrant]( by Richard Kiyosaki. The points he makes in understanding the difference between owning a business or owning a job make the path forward clear. If you can see your way to becoming a business owner, then a few years of hard work could pay massive benefits in time and freedom. If you don’t see any way to get there then you may need to make a bigger change.

    Hope this was helpful.


    P.S. Be carful about going down the education path. Most degrees really exist to provide you the skills to become someone else’s employee.

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