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What would you do if your ex texted you saying they want you back?

What would you do if your ex texted you saying they want you back?

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  1. “That’s great, I actually have something to show you” / “What?” / “The door, bitch, leave me the fuck alone” this is how it happens in my head anyways

  2. I am on speaking terms with most of my exs, so would probably talk it through with them, as I think relationship end for a reason.

    Sometimes when people are down or lonely it is easy to reach out to an ex partner, don’t think it is the best thing, so would tell them that.

    Though with one I would actively consider it, I ended the relationship because of reasons, then regretted it.

  3. Greatly depends on which ex. Most recent ones? Nah, we are better as friends. One from 3 years go? I’d commit atrocities to have a sit down with her and see if she has changed for the better and go from there.

    From a decade ago? That was the best sex I’d ever had. I’d love love love to hit that again.

  4. Well seeing as things ended amicably between us and I understood where she was coming from (although I disagreed, but I got it), and we still chat most days with no bad blood, i’d ask to meet in person and talk about it.

  5. Depends on why she is your ex.
    If one of my ex’s said that I would simply respond with a simple No thank you. If they persisted I would block the number without responding.

  6. Depends on which ex. A couple of them, I’m friends with now, and we have zero romantic/sexual chemistry any longer. So, I would talk to them about their feelings, and attempt to let them down in the most gentle way possible. Others, I would use choice words to describe exactly what I think of them and where they can head off to in order to fuck themselves. But, in all cases, I wouldn’t take any of them up on it.

  7. Block them. I left her for a many good reasons. Im not about to give up all the positive change and growth ive made since then for some ass. And i wouldn’t bother replying. Ive said what i needed to to her and i have nothing else to say

  8. It’s like someone else mentioned here, it really depends on which ex it was. My most recent ex? I’d explain that it was for the best to break up and that I’m not interested in trying again for the third time. But the ex who I feel like I never truly got over properly and beat myself up about because I was definitely the reason we broke up… yeah, if she gave me another chance I’d do that in a heartbeat.

  9. Not respond.

    In nearly every instance if an ex is coming back to you saying they want to get back together but you don’t feel that way you just need to ignore it and keep on living your life.

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