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What would you do if a girl farted on the first date?

What would you do if a girl farted on the first date?not no lil squeaker but the bombs

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  1. Been there, was a hike and she kept farting, picking her nose and sat down on a bench, got up and said “oooh I just got my period” leaving a stain behind and just walked away. Soon after she used my bathroom (hike was near my house) and didn’t wash her hands. I gave her a towel to put on her car seat and later told her “I wasn’t feeling it”

  2. Immediately shift the conversation to : “Hey do you think loud pharts can also be smelly? Or is it the really silent ones which are killer?”
    Continue the conversation with utmost seriousness

  3. I was at a bonfire at my friends house one summer. Felt a huge one coming on, so I went out of earshot/vision (so I thought) and let it fly. Didn’t realize that some guy was behind me peeing in the woods. Now he’s my husband sleeping next to me 😂

  4. I like the type of questions on this sub and I have 2 answers for this one, one serious and one with a /s

    Why would I care? People have flaws for a reason. I I would assert dominace from the getgo and create a fart louder than hers

    Take a deep breath and walk out with a gass mask over ypur head to prevent further mutations. No eye contact because you will not be able to see anything because of her smoke grenade

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