What would make a pop-up/DIY living room dive bar more realistic?

Weird question, but please hear me out. My boyfriend has been working so hard lately. We recently moved cross country and landed right in the middle of a corona outbreak, so we have been stuck inside for the past week. I know he doesn’t want to complain, but I can tell all the changes with moving, work and now being stuck inside are stressing him out so I want to do something nice.

These next few days are the last he’ll be going to the office, so I want to take advantage of the alone time to do something special for him.

The two of us love going to dive bars together to try new beers, listen to punk music and real off some steam, but since everything is closed I figured I’d bring the bar to him.

I have a few ideas on what to add. Beer, chicken wings, peanuts, some fake band posters on the walls- I might put some crumbs on our breakfast bar to make it more authentic. I’m thinking of making a bar menu and playing some music a bit too loud. I might even throw in some mood lighting, but I feel like there’s more I could be doing to really bring the grunge home and make it look less like our tiny condo.

So, if anyone has any idea on what they’d like to see if this was done for them, I’d love to hear it. Has anyone here had their partner throw a surprise for them before? Did they add any extra touches that made it special?

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  1. On youtube you can find videos with audio recording from bars/pubs. It will give it that crowded busy feel without anyone being there.

    All the best ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Maybe make up a name and create a sign for it to hang above the bar. And maybe you can either make a signature cocktail or you guys can make one together and name it?

    Otherwise what you said sounds good. I also really like the idea of the pub recordings playing in the background.

  3. OP, you’ve got this on lock and I’m convinced you just came here to brag haha.

    One of my exes did something similar and it was 100% one of those situations where all that mattered was that she had a good idea and tried to do something nice for me, the execution was secondary. I loved it.

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