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What worries you as of the moment?

What worries you as of the moment?

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  1. It’s been weeks and one of my online classes hasn’t posted the syllabus or anything yet. The class is supposed to be today, but I’m worried it got canceled out of nowhere. If that happens then it’ll mess with the number of credits I have this semester and screw with financial aid. I’ll see if this is the case before the day ends but I’m really hoping they’re just lazy.

  2. The future of the family company. It’s all riding on a product introduction we’re doing in a few months. It should be fine but who the fuck knows? Soon we’ll see what we’ve been working towards monomaniacally for 6 years actually amounts to in the eyes of our customers. It’s incredibly fucking stressful.

    We’ll probably make it. He who lives will know.

  3. Well my mother experienced a big schizophrenic episode back in my late teens… which got me thinking which of her 3 kids would follow… wellp last Friday my little sister experienced hers. She went to the hospital and got some help and thankfully my older sister is with her since I’m the next state over.

    She knows I’m here for her and always have been and nothing will ever change that since we’ve been through so much as a family (poverty and shit living conditions). It’s not my first foray dealing with these episodes as my mom will experience them from time to time, my older sister is doing well at least cause she had been battling her own physical health issues.

    It’s tough but being tryna stay positive in the face of how bad my own anxiety can get thanks to how we grew up is tough but it’ll get better.

  4. That I may never see my kids again since my ex took them overseas a year ago and blocked me from contact with them. i never did a thing to any of them, always supported them financially, she just up and left. My only thought at getting out of this is once I find a heroin dealer I’m buying enough for an instant OD, never tried it before but seems the easiest way to go.

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