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What was your most rewarding moment as a dad?

What was your most rewarding moment as a dad?

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  1. When I realized how legit talented my oldest was at art. She just was drawing so much all the time and then one day I saw something she was doing and was just so impressed and excited for her. She struggles with a lot, but this is something I think she can legitimately make a part of her life as an adult, whether that ends up being in a career or on the side.

    There’s something so amazing about watching your kids turn into actual humans with their own minds and thoughts and creative drives.

  2. For Father’s day, my grown son took me out for the day. We did man shit. We went to the range and shot pistols, had barbecue for lunch, then had a cigar at a local cigar lounge. All his treat. Even today, he was trying to get his truck running (not his daily driver) it was snowed in, hood wouldn’t open, tire was flat, battery was dead. After he got it running, he looked at me and said; “Now I know why you’re grumpy when you try to get stuff done.”

  3. When I went into the garage and there she was, with a nasty looking dead mouse, she’d done it! She’d caught one all on her own and brought it home as a prize for her family! How proud I was of my cat daughter that special day.

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