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What was the worst or most random injury you’ve gotten or witnessed at school or had to go to the hospital for?

I always saw boys getting in fights at my school and go to hospital for the randomest things (not rly girls) so that’s y I posted in askmen but ladies feel free to respond too!

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  1. It was maybe primary 5 or something so about 10 years old?

    A girl was running outside on the concrete. She tripped. She landed, sliding on her knees, on a big fuck off drain cover thing.

    The skin from her knee and shin just opened. I was standing maybe 10 foot away with my friends and saw the whole thing.

    I was amazed that what came out of her leg was like, rice pudding? Bit bloody? But not as bloody as you’d expect as a kid? Just… Textured looking rice pudding stuff everywhere.

    The girl got shit loads of work done to her leg but I think she was left with some serious scars. I had moved school shortly after so literally never seen her again since.

  2. Mmm. We all kept our noses clean at my school.

    The worst injury I saw in school was some girl who, honest to God, got knocked over by a truck. Driver decided to rev up before the light changed. Police shooed us off so I never found out if she was okay.

  3. I’m the reason they stopped playing ultimate frisbee at my elementary school in PE. I threw the frisbee and it hit a kid in the face and knocked out his front permanent tooth.

  4. Drunk guys thinking they can jump the bondfire and instead just crashing into it. They felt fine from the adrenaline at first, but those burns must hurt once the alcohol and adrenaline wears off.

  5. When I was a kid we had a dog and to play we’d throw his toy down the hallway and he’d bring it back. One day my mom threw it but didn’t see I was coming into the room and the dog ran straight into my shin with his snout. He sneezed and moved on, it broke my shin bone. It wasn’t the worst break, it was just a hairline fracture, but even the dr laughed when we told him how it happened.

  6. I managed to injure myself in every single sport we did in Phys Ed in highschool, but the most random one was Badminton – got a birdie smashed into my face.

    Ball to the balls in scoopball was a close second

  7. During gym class in elementary school, we were doing an exercise where you run back and forth as fast as you can. The fastest kid ran straight into the wall. The next day he came with both arms broken.

  8. Volleyball. Jumped to slam the ball over the net, landed with my foot halfway on the other guy’s, so my foot twisted to the side and I pretty much landed with my entire weight on said foot (also collapsing the net and nearly being hit by one of the poles.) Ended up with an ambulance (and the crew really wanted to inject painkillers… you’d think this was America and they could make a few thousand bucks for the hospital off that) and my foot in a cast for a month due to a tear in the tendon.

    But hey, I’m pretty sure I scored that point?

  9. Worst injuries I remember were from the soccer team. Concussion after team mate collided with opponent, Team mate going to hospital with swollen testicles after taking a shot to the groin, Tooth getting knocked out after collision with opponent.

  10. Freshman year of high school, volleyball game. Rival team opponent jumped to block at the net, came down and her leg bone shot out where her ankle bone was. The blood soaked through the wood floors and had to be replaced.

  11. I broke my finger in grade 7 playing dodgeball -a ball jammed my finger and fractured it in two places. The sad thing is that the ball bounced before it hit me, so it’s not like it had any mustard on it.

  12. Bro one day I was walking home from school and I saved up $2 for a slushy (this was in grade 4), so I bought one and this kid comes up(my age) and asks for a sip. It was a random kid so I’m like no gro$$ and then he hits it out of my hand.
    So I throw him off his bike and beat him up. Too excessive? Sounds like it now that I’m older and typing this out but anyways I beat him up and he runs away.
    Then I get up and start walking home, 2 minutes later I hear my name being called so I turn around and I get bricked in the forehead. Lol the little kid literally threw a brick at my head. Thank god he called my name out because if he hit the back of my head I think it would’ve done more damage. Anyway he splits my forehead open and these nice people saw it and took me into their bar and called the ambulance.
    The police came and asked me what he looked like and I said he looked like a bitch. Police then told my parents and I got in trouble. Being a kid is messed up lol

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