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What was the “trigger” to your success?

I remember the high I was riding at 21 after my first long term relationship ended. I went back to school, got my GED, attended college (only one year). I landed a nice job and was making decent money, started hitting the gym and getting a lot of positive attention. Confidence was up and became very goal-oriented.

I’m 26 now and somewhere along the way I lost myself. I want to know some of your experiences. What was that tipping point that made you grab life by the horns?

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  1. What are you building towards?

    Until you can answer that question you don’t have something to grab by the horns.

    Once you know what you’re building toward (could be buying a house, moving to a place, raising a family, becoming a master guitarists, social status etc), make sure you are doing something *every* day to support that goal.

  2. Losing to my rival school twice my senior season after the first time I was pissed I was in the gym after practice every day and then when we lost to them in the playoffs of my senior year I swore I’d never let it happen again
    It taught me an important lesson on leadership

  3. It was when i realized the dating game is stacked and marriage is even worse and i decided to stop going where my dick wanted and go instead with what my brain told me. Later, my successes 1uadrupled by quitting alcohol

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