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What was the most fascinating podcast EPISODE you have ever listened to?

What was the most fascinating podcast EPISODE you have ever listened to?

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  1. I can’t narrow down to just one.

    [This American Life 220: Testosterone]( – This made me look at being a man in a new way.

    I’d also been struggling with low energy, not sleeping well, brain fog, sad mood and other nagging problems. That podcast inspired me to visit a doctor and get a blood test.

    My testosterone level was normal. However, the blood test revealed I had a Vitamin D deficiency. Doctor prescribed taking Vitamin D3 supplements daily (5,000 IU per day). Game-changer. Felt more alive and better and like myself again.

    While it sucked that I had a few lost years, I’m grateful that the podcast helped me catch the problem before it went on even longer.

    [This American Life 560: Abdi and The Golden Ticket]( – A young refugee gets a shot at freedom with a chance to immigrate to the U.S.–if he can dodge the terrorists who recruit young men and avoid the corrupt police who were deporting foreigners.

    Can he evade both sides long enough to make it? This podcast had me on the edge of my seat.

    [This American Life 261 The Sanctity of Marriage – Act One – What Really Happens in a Marriage]( – What a researcher learned when he hooked up couples to health-monitoring devices, and recorded video of their conversations (and arguments).

    Reply All [102]( and [103]( Long Distance – An Indian tech support scammer made the fatal mistake of calling a podcaster. Don’t read too much before listening to it, just dive in.

    [This American Life 363 Enforcers – Act One – Hanging in Chad]( – Inside the secret world of “scam baiters” who scam the Internet scammers.

    Happy listening!

  2. JRE is the ultimate podcast out there. This man has the most diverse group of experts and cover so many fields its ridiculous

    1) JRE 1439: Michael Osterholm. Medical doctor who studies infectious diseases including Coronavirus. Without a doubt the most relevant and important episode right now
    2) JRE 962: Jocko Willink. Badass ex navy seal. Need I say more? This dude is famous for just being a badass
    3) JRE 1419: Daryl Davis. Converted over 200 KKK members to normal people. A black man risking life and limb to convert people society considers to be total shit, its inspirational
    4) JRE 1368: Edward Snowden. Its fucking Edward Snowden man, the dude is the modern day Robin Hood. Love him or hate him, dude’s a real life spy and that’s fucking cool
    5) JRE 1255: Alex Jones. Absolutely zero value, but its probably the funniest thing ever.

  3. Radiolab Fu-go. The Japanese used ballon bombs to try and hit the mainland united States in WW2 and possibly killed someone on the west coast. You’ll know in the first few minutes if it would be something you’d like.

  4. This is probably a “cliche” answer, but every single one of Jordan Peterson’s appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience were incredibly insightful.

    But I think that Sebastian Junger’s episode of JRE is my all-time favorite. It is basically a recap and extrapolation of the themes of his book “Tribe” (which I think every man in the 21st century should read)

  5. Last Podcast on the Left have an amazing 4 part epic on a Japanese cult called Aum Shinrikyo which is some of the most insane and terrifying (because of how close the leader of the cult was to getting his way) things that maybe could of happened that would’ve been catastrophic that I’ve ever heard of.

  6. The Reversing Climate Change podcast is the best podcast, ever. It starts as a series about the technical, economic and political aspects of removing carbon from the atmosphere, and morphs into philosophy over time.

    They have an episode in which they run right off the rails and explore theology. They ask the question: “Is climate change a secular eschatology?”

    These guys have a company that offers a blockchain product for tracking carbon credits. The podcast is to promote that product. . . and they interview a theologian.

    Runner up: Thaddeus Russell interviews Julian Nitzberg, in which they discuss how, in the 90s, hundreds of straight US Marines were tricked into performing gay porn. The mind reels. No offense to servicemen, but this is why they call you jarheads.

  7. The second to last episode of Finding Drago. I highly recommend the whole miniseries, it starts out as a bit of a dumb story but actually turns into one of the most weirdly interesting real life mysteries that no one cares about.

  8. This American Life episode called Petty Tyrant (episode 419). It’s about a school’s maintenance man and his reign of terror. So strange! I heard it a few years ago and it has stuck with me.

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