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What was prom like for you guys?

School decided to have a prom and I got nothing better to do so just going to go by myself. Just wanted to know what your guy’s prom was like.

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  1. Got talked into taking a girl i didn’t really like to her junior prom my senior year. She started being nice to me while my friend and his gf were bugging me to take her so I said fine, she can be decent.

    She was a total bitch the entire time so I purposefully made sure I was having fun which pissed her off even more.

    Waste of my time and money but at least I made her 10x more miserable than she was attempting to make me.

  2. I hated the idea of going and my parents had to essentially pay for everything to convince me to go. I went with a very nice person who I had no interest in (and she had no interest in me), so I mostly hung out with my friends and classmates, wandered around, chatted with her (as buddies, and ate more than I probably should have.

    Totally forgettable; you’re not missing much if you don’t go.

  3. I didn’t go because my high school only sold tickets in pairs and I didn’t want to pay double or just have some friend have his 10th grader date set me up with a random other 10th grader friend of hers who would run off and ignore me the minute we got there.

    Looking back there was one girl who probably would have said yes if I asked her, but we only started kind of hitting it off as acquaintances in class a couple weeks before prom and it was already too late in reality. I also considered doing a double stag ticket thing with another dateless male friend, but he chickened out of it (that was my original prom plan).

  4. The girl I would probably ask already had a date, also The Strokes reunited and were playing in LA for the first time in years, I spent my money on that instead. I once told the guitarist of the band how I skipped on prom to see The Strokes and he told me “good, you didn’t miss a thing”.

    I don’t regret it. A counselor was telling me how if I don’t go, I will regret it for the rest of my life and wonder what if. That’s not true at all. That’s only true for people who wanted to go to prom and didn’t.

    I don’t know how you feel about going alone. None of my friends were interested in going either so I wouldn’t have gone alone, even if I wanted to. It’s totally up to you if you want to go for the experience.

  5. Went with my then long term gf. Glad I could go, nice HS xp that you’d feel left out if you never went. Idk how going single works. Me personally Id feel unimaginable awkward. They play a few songs, some are fun others are more for couples. They have some light food and drinks. Since its the end of hs people sit at tables and talk and share stories. Some light grinding if couple and some people might go a little wild.
    Saw a dude give a female a lap dance. Seemed kinda forced and weird but eh. Oh yeah and officially lost my virginity a few hrs before prom. Twas nice

    Wasnt part of the big social kids circle so no after party. Parents picked is up and went home right after.

    Having a date was expensive as shit tho. Tickets are a few hundred. On top of Corsage, both genders getting some garment fitted etc. Was a great memory tho

  6. I didn’t go to the prom of my own school, since I wasn’t close to anyone there.
    But I did go to the prom of my back then gf school with her. And I ruined it… back then I never drank, but I was so nervous that I drank a literal shitton of booze to calm down. I ended up vomiting in the bathroom and she had to escort me back home. I still feel sorry for her.

  7. Like any other school dance but only with your class and a bit more pizazz. Just make sure you do your best to enjoy yourself and not make any decisions that are too bad (a little bad is ok). Have fun, buddy.

  8. It was fine. I went with a friend as I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. Our parents took pictures of us beforehand. It started off with the grand march at the school. Then we took a bus to the venue where we had dinner and then a dance.

  9. Senior year: hot date, upscale hotel, great finger food, did hand stuff in an empty parking lot

    Girlfriend’s Senior Year: same hot date, shitty outdoor venue, terrible food, left after maybe 45 minutes, maybe more hand stuff? I dont remember

    10/10 would recommend

    You should 100% try to find a date to get the real experience.

  10. It was alright, I was a semi-popular jock. Somehow I ended up going with the head cheerleader, as she wanted to bang everyone on the football team and I was next. At the time I didn’t really care that much about how attractive she was, she just seemed really sincere when asking so I went through with it.

    When we where slow dancing, she whispers something about going to motel afterwards and getting it on. As this was the first time really getting a chance to hang with her, I turned her down. So this being the first time she must have been told no, headbutts me in the forehead and storms off. I ended up spending the rest of the prom with my best friend. She and I ended up getting one last dance to ourselves. And the proms after that where pretty much the same when I was single.

  11. At the time I thought it would be incredibly important.

    Holy shit was I wrong. Hot, bad music, expensive clothes, bitchy ex, expensive (but admittedly fantastic) dinner, not at all romantic, bunch of drunk teen girls throwing up outside it was a complete waste of time and money.

    I mean my date looked gorgeous and the slow dance was nice but good god, it would’ve been cheaper to grab dinner then go dancing on our own. And a lot more fun. At least chaperones wouldn’t be walking around checking for 6 inches of space.

  12. Both Junior and Senior year were mediocre. Went Junior year with a friend, Senior year with a girlfriend. The food was worse than something my shitty highschooler ass could have cooked myself, the music was obnoxious and didn’t suit the tastes of the student body at all, and the atmosphere was a typical critical-mass awkward High School Dance regardless of the setting.

    Spend the money taking your date to an amusement park after the world reopens if you’ve got four hundred bucks to burn. No tux required, the carousel music’s more fun, and you wait endlessly on line for *roller coasters* instead of shitty melted ice cream sundaes.

  13. Been to like 4 fucking proms every single one sucked with no pregames, no after parties, no relationship after prom, 2 out of 4 ended with a kiss. Each prom a different girl. Prom is usually great for the girl mediocre for the guy. Also none of my close friends went to these proms. Felt like a spare tire with all of the groups we took the limo with because I never really had a conversation with these people before and also they were always her friends. Men usually don’t care about that shit looking back on it unless the prom was with your highschool sweetheart and you married your highschool sweetheart.

  14. My country doesn’t have proms. It’s not part of our culture. In my senior year of high school, people were trying to arrange for one and I made damn sure that they didn’t get permission from the school.

  15. It was awesome. For sure one of my most cherished memories. The days leading up were exciting, the prom itself was great, and the days after were awesome as well.

    It also helped that it was my first date with my wife I’ve been with ever since (13 years later) and we were part of a really good group of friends that we all enjoyed each other’s
    company for our whole senior year.

    It would have been much different if I went alone/didn’t have a good group of friends.

  16. Oh yikes. For me, I had real trouble finding a date. I waited way too late to ask the girl I really wanted to go with, and when she said no(already had a date) I asked around, and basically everyone had a date already. Ended up going with a girl who I wasn’t very close with, but also needed a date. Looking back on it, should have spent more time with her at the dance, but it was a fun time in the end.

  17. I went by myself for Grade 12; skipped the Grade 13 one. It was meh; mostly bored by myself. Went to someone’s summer camp/house after – that was okay but nothing special for me. Basically got drunk and passed out in the back of my car. Not as boring as the graduation ceremony, but then again what is.

    If you don’t have someone to go with and don’t have any real friends going, you might as well skip it.

  18. I’ve never attended one as a participant, only as an organizer behind the scenes. I assisted with managing the registration, accounting, and cleanup for a number of the school events, so I usually got to hear a bit about how they went. As I understand it, there wasn’t much to miss, and I didn’t have anyone to go with to any of them anyways, so skipping them was probably for the best.

  19. I had dinner before with my date who h was nice. Had an allergic reaction and had sharp pain in my throat for the evening. I hardly remember anything from prom itself other than what feels like less than an hour of awkward dancing and sitting around.

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