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What usually happens when you try and be chivalrous towards women? Do you feel you gain anything from it?

What usually happens when you try and be chivalrous towards women? Do you feel you gain anything from it?

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  1. Why would I need to feel I gained anything from it? It’s not something you do expecting something in return except maybe a thanks. It’s just being a decent human whether to men or women

  2. I mean, I usually just do thinks like that to be nice for people in general.

    But if it’s for a date or my GF, then I am trying to make her feel special or show that I care.

  3. Honestly, I don’t ever “try” to be chivalrous around women.

    I do what I believe to be the right thing. That might be walking them home on a night out. I’m not doing that because I think it’s what society thinks nice young men should do. I’m doing it so that my female friends feel safer at night.

    If I was with a male friend who was being bullied by a group as he walked home, I’d walk him home as well.

    As for gaining things from it, I really believe I’ve gained things from having my female friends in my life. But I’ve also gained a huge amount from having male friends in my life.

    I wouldn’t make a distinction between the two. I think being a decent human being ends up paying dividends.

  4. I only do it for older women, since they are nice. I don’t even keep the door open or do anything for young women. A friend of mine was called out by a feminist for doing so. Equality for everyone.

  5. I just don’t want to see girls turned into cock worshippers who’s lives are about taking as many big dicks as possible. There will always be strippers and porn stars and we don’t want every girl to be a stripper or pornstar. Its important that people remember they are 0.1% of the population, and you can go to college and do something better with your life

  6. I had a girlfriend who started trying to get woke awhile into the relationship. It was habit for me to open doors and whatnot. Went to her house to pick her up for a date, and opened the car door. She says “you know I’m capable of opening a door right? I’m not a child.”

    I closed the door, and it locked automatically. Got in my side side, and sat there for a bit as she pulled on the door handle, then drove away without her.

    That was the last time she said stupid shit.

  7. I mean, the way I live my life is to be kind and respectful as much as possible even if the other person has annoyed you.

    If I’m taking the piss out of you, it’s either because I really like you and feel like we have a good enough friendship to take the piss out of each other. Or because you have pushed me to my absolute limit.

    That extends to women as well, which lands me in hot water when I start dating because as I feel more comfortable in our relationship I instinctively start to take the piss our of her, like I would one of the lads, and it almost always breaks down the relationship because they don’t get the joke.

    But hey, one day I’ll find a women who does get the joke and our relationship will be perfect.

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