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What type of man do you love?

What type of man do you love?

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  1. Those that don’t complain about anything and everything with no good reason other than being a little cunt.

    My close friends are all rational people, who do complain, with arguments and solutions to their own problems, and don’t just whine for hours. I simply love that kind of thing and I could easily develop feelings that are not sexual for a guy like that. I consider myself having my shit together and want to be around similar people.

    Once I destroyed a friendship because I couldn’t take whining anymore and I said something like “instead of naturally sucking the energy out of the room and me, how about you suck me instead? Can’t whine with your mouth full”, followed by awkward silence, pay the bill and fuck off. We spoke like 2 times and never saw each other again. Good riddance.

  2. Big balls. Honest. Man of his word.

    The basics, really. My twist on it is I prefer Men who have these qualities who aren’t Chad.

    So like… if a 5’6 can somehow manage to live a happy life with confidence. I respect him more than I would a guy with the looks and the god-given physical things.

    For example. My uncle is around 5’4, and he is a ‘better man” than guys I know who are 6’2.

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