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What type of clothing do you wear for your ladies, even though you secretly hate it?

Does this count as NSFW? I dunno…
I.e. tie, vest,…

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  1. Jogging bottoms, im kinda uncomfortable with the idea of people being able to clearly see my junk outline, but my SO likes them so i got used to it

  2. Anything formal. I fucking hate it. I cannot stand dress shirts, I cannot stand blazers and asking me to wear a suit and tie makes me feel so uncomfortable and out of place. I’m a denim and t-shirt kind of guy.

    But I still do it whenever I get dragged along to an event for her work or something her family is putting on. She also likes to look nice when we go out to dinner so I’ll suck it up and throw on something that takes a bit of effort because I know she appreciates it.

  3. Literally anything you would consider to be more dressed up than active wear. If it were up to me I would roll around in joggers or athletic shorts 24/7.

  4. there are a couple forming fitting shirts with wide collars and elbow length sleeves. kinda obvious they show off my neck and forearms. those and my tighter fitting jeans and she’s a happy camper.

  5. My wife hates cargo pants, so I have zero pairs of cargo pants. She doesn’t mind shorts as long as they have a flat front and go all the way to the top of my knees, AND I have to wear shoes that aren’t sneakers (with shorts).

    She also really dislikes transition lenses, but I drew the line there!

  6. I have the opposite problem: I pretty much like everything I wear that my girlfriend finds sexy, I just dislike not being able to wear certain things that my girlfriend doesn’t like me wearing.

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