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What truly stops you from temptation, while currently in a committed relationship?

The cliche that all men run off with their young, beautiful secretary’s has mainstreamed into every corner of every street. The availability of temptation has tripled × 10,000 more since your parents were courting. ( speaking of ages between 20 to 60 yr olds in todays time) . When you know a woman is flirting , coming on to , & showing you she’s interested in you , what truly stops you from the temptation when you are currently involved in a committed relationship.?

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  1. Love.

    People haven’t stopped being attractive these past 15 years I’ve been with my partner, I notice good looking people every day that under other circumstances I might be interested in pursuing. What stops me is the fact that what I get from my partner emotionally, physically and if you want to be really corny, even spiritually is something I couldn’t replicate with anyone else. She’s such a central part of my life and means so much to me that the thought of actually being with anyone who *isn’t* her is actually off-putting to me. It makes me feel uncomfortable, it’s like envisioning a “bad ending.”

    So attractive people might be nice to look at, and like all humans I might have a very fleeting thought. But those thoughts never turn into a real yearning, because every time I see the woman I love I know that’s where I’m supposed to be.

  2. I mean, I’m single but feel like this is just basic human decency. I know how it hurts people to get cheated on. Why the fuck would I do that to some poor girl? It’s just a douche move

  3. Honestly there’s never a situation where I’ve had to “resist temptation” while in a relationship. No woman has ever approached me, subtly or otherwise, wanting sex for the hell of it. I’d only be in that situation if I actively sought out and dated women while in a relationship, which I’d never do.

    If it did happen I doubt I’d indulge. Not cheating is a matter of personal integrity regardless of how I feel about my current partner.

  4. The consequences to myself and other people around me. If you are really unhappy or unsatisfied in a relationship then just end it and fuck whoever you want after.

  5. I really hate interacting with women, its has always been something I hated doing

    My girlfriend would be crushed if I did and I dont want to be a cheater

    I respect my commitment and value my partner

  6. Outside of love, I just have a high moral regard for myself and I value trust too much. I also think about the pain I would cause. As someone who came about because of an affair, I’m all too familiar with the pain it causes.

    I would rather leave before anything ever happened, and I would also prefer the other person to simply leave rather than cheat.

  7. I never understand these questions. I’ve been in a few serious relationships (not married) but even so it just never crosses my mind to run off with someone else. Granted I am never actively pursuing someone and have never been given an offer but I also haven’t had to war game an exit strategy. It just doesn’t compute.

    It feels like asking “what stops you from shooting your self every day” like I’ve never wanted to. Never thought about it.

    If you do have these desires, please go seek professional help.

  8. I feel like if it takes something to actively stop you, maybe you aren’t with the right person, when it’s right, you won’t even consider this or betraying them in such a way.

  9. That’s easy. If you have any respect for your partner then there is no such thing as temptation. Sure, you can look. You can fantasize. That’s as far as it’s going to go. You’re still going to go home to your partner and be instantly reminded of why you’re there.


    My dad always told me respect is the only thing you can actually keep when you die.

  10. I hardly notice other women once I’m in a committed relationship. I’ve never been unfaithful but I have been cheated on and I think the idea of spreading that feeling to someone that I care about is enough for me not to have a wandering eye.

  11. Dudes in here are just trying to get one, and now you’re telling me people have two girlfriends?

    That seems like way too much work and my lazy ass does not have the brain capacity to have two girlfriends.

  12. Not that I’m in a happy relationship I have stopped looking for people who are interested in me that way. And if anyone has flirted with me I can’t remember to have noticed it. But I was oblivious to that stuff to begin with.

  13. I can distinguish psychological connection from physical desire.

    I see at least 20 women a day I would drop everything and fuck if I were single and they were willing, but I know it would pale in comparison to what I’ve got with whoever I’m in a serious relationship with, so I would never act on the impulse. (Not that the woman would be down for it even if I did haha.)

  14. Someone new only has an image of you. Well my girl knows me better than that. She’s seen me lose my charm. Someone new will tire of your shit. If you have some semblance of love you don’t tire of each other in a meaningful way.

  15. Im too busy working a full time job and running a small business to even think about the energy required to have an affair, to me at this stage in my life being successful financially is way more important than getting some strange, and nothing destroys wealth quite like divorce.

  16. I love my girl so goddamn much I couldn’t even imagine cheating on her. Some girls hit on me but I immediately broke it off because I just couldn’t imagine hurting her. She messed me up lmao.

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