What things do you wear to make yourself look more sexy?

So I have kind of a nice butt and my gf really likes it and I’d like to make profit of it with my clothing, since she likes to wear things for me that makes her more attractive just for the sake of it I want to do the same for her.

I feel like girls have more ways to exploit their curves and overall look sexy, and as a man I would like to do the same (preferrably with my butt). What things can a man wear on a daily basis (nothing that should really serve a purpose like sport clothing or wearing for a special event) that would make him look sexier?

EDIT: I’m a rather tall and skinny guy with no body hair at all, if that helps

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  1. Have you thought of wearing a thong, or jockstrap for your gf? Even some form fitting boxer briefs can be sexy. You can start by asking her to pick out something she would like to see you in.

  2. I try to wear pants that sit below my pelvis but are still snug and flexible. Pants that’s are form fitting to show off my ass a bit and still be relaxed. Black leather jackets. Depends on your style too. I wear a lot of dark clothing and have dark features. So I tend to choose clothing to compliment that.

  3. Tracksuit pants and make sure all of your pants fit well, you said you’re tall and skinny so maybe eat more to make your butt even better rather than just looking for clothes that bring it out, that’ll also have the bonus of making you healthier, better proportioned and more physically attractive overall

  4. I normally just try to wear something that fits me well. If my clothes fit properly, it looks like I have made an effort and consequently I feel a lot more confident.

  5. I’m a big fan of Speedos and swimwear and sometimes I just wear it around the house. Once in a while I wear it underneath my jeans when I go to visit one of my lady friends and if she wants to take things further like to the bedroom? I’ve had absolutely no complaints when we start to strip down and I show her something colorful that I’m wearing underneath that accentuates the male curves. One FWB actually asked to keep the pair that I was wearing that day. I was actually kind of flattered that she’d asked!

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