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What subtle changes on your body have you noticed since starting to work-out?

Long story short, going into the New Year, I made a resolution to hit the gym regularly for the first time ever. Months have passed and I have kept at it, and I must confess I am proud of it. Around a month ago or so, I started noticing some pretty subtle changes to my everyday life. For example, a lot of my shirts have gone tight. One of the older ones even got partially ripped while I was taking it off.

So I have been wondering… What are some of the more subtle bodily changes you have noticed since gaining muscle?

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  1. It seems you’ve passed the biggest hump of hitting the gym. It normally takes 4 or more months to start to notice a difference and a lot of people loose motivation in that time. GOOD ON YOU!

    I think clothing, specifically the way things fit, is an awesome thing to start to notice. Even more motivation when you “need” to buy new pants, or maybe select tighter fitting clothes.

    A few things that change when you are eating healthier and exercising:

    You will sleep much better which leads to

    You will have more energy throughout the day

    Your brain will be sharper and less foggy

    Overall confidence goes up too.

    On top of that, there are a lot of things that might be less noticeable like higher blood oxygen concentration, lower resting heartrate, lower blood pressure, higher testosterone levels and many other benefits that are important to overall well being.

    KEEP AT IT! Its awesome you’ve made it this far on a new years resolution!

  2. My knee doesn’t bother me anymore. Used to bother me a bunch, then I started working out more and focusing on exercising without straining my knee and it’s doing way better. Shoulder still gives me problems but not as much which is also a notable improvement.

  3. I went from working out once or twice a week to exercising at least 30min a day every day for the last three weeks. I’m already sleeping better, not having nearly as much shortness of breath, blood pressure is better, I’m getting a little less stressed out at work, and I’m starting to see faster results in slimming down.

  4. More refined/defined chest. I have lost skin, which I’m going to take care off, but definitely notice the change. Fitted shirts fit nicely and show off my form. I’m by no means perfect or where I want to be, but I am a step closer.

    Also, I noticed that through all the working out I attained a nice ass. Was complimented by the lady friend once. We were getting kinky and she complimented my ass while taking my pants off.

  5. I kinda had to change how I walked in stores and stuff. I was a scrawny guy and tried to compensate by walking around all super aggressive. Started freaking people out as I got bigger. Now I just walk around all tall and brawny

  6. I’m noticing that my skin is now much more elastic. I used to have a certain number of creases on my arm during flexion which are only present when the muscle is fully stretched or contracted (as in, touching ones hand to their bicep). Now those creases are starting to disappear and the skin becomes taut at full contraction like it would be when lying on your back with your arms up over your head. My goal weight also seems nicely reachable (less than 15 pounds) now!

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