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What song brings you back to the best summer you had?

What song brings you back to the best summer you had?

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  1. Smooth – Santana

    Not sure if it was the **best** summer I ever had, but it was the song of the summer the last time I didn’t have to spend all summer break working.

  2. Makedamnsure by Taking Back Sunday. Brings me back to high school. 3 buddies and I, driving down the highway in the heat of the summer, no AC and all the windows down, stereo as loud as it would go, on our way to the river.

    Good times

  3. Hype by Drake

    I’m not a big Drake fan but summer of 2016 was a really good time for me (summer before college) and hearing that song transports me back to that summer 10 times out of 10

  4. Stars are blind, I hate admitting it but I fuck with that song Heavy and it was the first summer I had spent with my girlfriend who I would be with for about five years, she loved that fucking song lol, when I heard it again in promising young woman last year it brought back A Rush of memories lol

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